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"Ekos is an extremely valuable tool as an operations manager to have everything at your fingertips in a very usable way."


TrimTab Brewing Co

Birmingham, AL


Opened in 2014
Ekos customer since 2018
QuickBooks Online integration


Harris and Cheri Stewart opened TrimTab Brewing in Birmingham, Alabama in 2014. They brew more than 12,000 barrels of beer in their production facility each year and have distribution across Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Today, they are known for their delicious and creative beers and were named one of the top 10 breweries in the U.S. in 2019 by Hop Culture.


In 2018, TrimTab was going through some internal changes and brought on a new COO to help manage the brewery’s operations. At the time, they were using OrchestratedBeer (Orchestra). “OBeer is time-consuming, overly complicated and difficult to use,” said Craig Melton, COO at TrimTab. “The people using the software were spending 30-50% of their workday trying to do the most basic tasks, so a lot of times it wasn’t done correctly and information flowing into financials was wrong.” TrimTab needed a better business management system to coordinate operations, inventory, accounting and sales, ensure easy communication between teams and drive efficiencies for the business.


When COO Craig Melton joined the TrimTab team, one of the first changes he made was to switch to Ekos. He has used Ekos in previous roles and liked how the system was simple, efficient and “significantly less expensive” than other alternatives. Craig said, “Ekos is miles ahead of OBeer in terms of usability on a day to day basis.” With Ekos, TrimTab can build invoices, create inventory receipts and reconcile inventory for end-of-month accounting. They also use Ekos for reporting on inventory management and compliance to meet state requirements. In addition, they use reports to make forecasting decisions about how much of a certain beer to produce or how to package it. Since making the switch, employees have expressed how Ekos has made their job easier and processes can be completed in fewer steps. “Employees are now free to be more creative and think more strategically about the business instead of being tied to computers doing administrative work all day,” said Craig Melton. “Ekos is an extremely valuable tool as an operations manager to have everything at your fingertips in a very usable way.”

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