Easily Migrate From WMDB to Ekos

Switch to a cloud-based system & keep your historical data

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The future of Winemaker’s Database is uncertain. Long-time users will likely need to migrate to a new system, but the timing is unclear. Why wait around for a transition plan when you can take control and switch to a best-in-class system on your own timeline?

Upgrade your database

Ekos is a safe, cloud-based system that helps you manage more than just production. Connect your case goods, COGS, DTC sales, accounting, and production data for better insights. Plus, integrations with accounting and DTC/wine club platforms mean that all of your systems can talk to each other.

Don’t lose your historical data

If you’ve been on WMDB for a long time, you have years of valuable data stored in your database. You don’t want to lose any of this when you switch to a new system. Ekos makes the migration simple and can upload all of your historical data into our system. No manual data entry required.

Ready to make the switch?

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why wineries rely on Ekos

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track data year after year

Go digital now and easily identify sales trends, quality issues, and cost patterns in the future. It’s hard to maintain the historical records most wineries need with notebooks and spreadsheets.

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save time with improved efficiency

Automated inventory management and TTB reporting save 20+ hours per month that you can invest back into more important tasks. 150+ pre-built reports help you get accurate, reliable information quickly.

know your cost of goods sold

Ekos seamlessly syncs data from production, inventory, and sales to your accounting system. Real-time COGS analysis gives you confidence in your pricing and your margins now and over time.