Never lose track of your kegs again.

Buying a new keg is great, unless you're replacing a lost one! Let us help you track your kegs so you can save more.

ADD-ON Module

Keg Tracking

We know it's not really about the keg, but what's inside the keg that counts. You put your heart and craft into them and if you lose one, for even a short period, it wastes precious time and money that should be going into your craft — which fills the kegs! And that's what matters, having the kegs you need when you need them.

Our Keg Tracking Module is a high-powered add-on to ekos_ that is customized for your brewery and works seamlessly with your ekos_system. Tracking kegs is just the beginning of Keg Tracking. You'll also improve your keg cycle, reduce keg purchases and minimize annual keg loss. AND on top of all that, it helps you keep track of your product so you always know the freshness — starting with the day brew went in.

Keep the cycle of your ekos_system stronger and more fluid as you grow with Keg Tracking. Making more is all about saving more.

Key Benefits

  • Improves your keg cycle
  • Reduces keg purchases
  • Reduces annual keg loss
  • Works seamlessly with your ekos_system
  • Keeps a full history of every keg
  • Scanning kegs is quick and painless
  • You'll always know the freshness of your product — starting with the day brew went in!


Our monthly pricing structure is scaled to match the size of your brewery and the amount of kegs you're wanting to track.

How to get tracking

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We help you get started

Lastly, we'll help your team get started by sending next steps and training materials!

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