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Don't just manage your business, master it like a pro. Introducing ekos_ops — a premiere, hands-on service designed to help you thrive as a craft maker and entrepreneur.

Ultimately, ekos_ops helped us build a better functioning and more fluid operation. We’re happy with the ways it has enabled us to utilize Ekos to it’s fullest.

— Eric McKay/ Co-founder & Team Captain at Hardywood Brewery
Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Optimize your performance with ekos_ops — and grow.

Our goal is to provide your team with the software training and business consulting resources they need to grow and be the best in the industry. With over 1,400 brewery and cidery implementations, our team is proficient in identifying, customizing, and optimizing your operations from the production floor to the Profit and Loss.

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Brewery Floor
from Production floor


Rapid growth makes inventory incredibly difficult to get a handle on. We can help you create custom automated processes that WILL keep up so you can keep growing.

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You're making so much good product but the more you make, the more it takes to manage— especially if your system isn't dialed in. We can help you get it all synced up.


It all comes down to making more sales, but to really grow you have to create a system that keeps things simple. We can help you customize your ekos_system and train your team so it's easier to make money.

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If you haven't synced your financials to Ekos yet — you're missing out on serious scaling power. We'll show you the difference and set you up! 

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to Profit & LOSS
The mission of ekos_ops

The mission of ekos_ops is to deliver a truly custom solution that meets your needs and maximizes effectiveness — while working with your entire team to streamline processes. Providing top-notch services has always been at the core of what we do. Our ekos_ops team of experienced, financial and operational experts is here to identify your business needs and help you accomplish your unique goals.

We start where you need us most.

Ekos_ops is designed to be customizable to fit your specific needs, but here are some highly beneficial places to start.

Cloud based sync

Quickbooks Conversion (desktop to online)

We review your Chart of Accounts and complete the transition of all your QuickBooks Desktop data to QuickBooks Online.

Ekos Sitewatch


For current Ekos clients, we’ll review your instance quarterly and see what you're doing well, find areas of opportunity, and provide a follow up report containing customized recommendations and practical solutions.

Team Training

Craft Training for Your Team

We'll walk alongside your team throughout the process. Crafting customized one-on-one training for each area of your business - relating specifically to how your team operates. We also offer additional training relating to new releases in Ekos.

How is ekos_ops different?

We've been able to focus more on strategical items rather than tactical pieces.

— Corey Ferina/ Austin EastCiders

After more than three years of developing the Ekos Platform and working directly with craft beverage makers, we found that most of our users only scratch the surface of the full functionality and potential of their Ekos System.

We've made a way, with ekos_ops, to utilize our software expertise and industry experience to help craft beverage makers like yourself. Dig deeper, maximize your effectiveness, and manage your growth - by asking the right questions, customizing your processes, and ensuring your team is properly trained.

Our mission at Ekos is to empower the craft beverage movement to help makers scale their business, streamline their processes, and optimize their teams. Through ekos_ops we can help you strategically accelerate adoption of Ekos business management software and prioritize which features and functions to implement. To ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed, we'll break it down for you step by step and provide practical solutions with customized recommendations.

Take this opportunity with ekos_ops to revolutionize the parts of your day-to-day tasks that are not working — we'll help you make it all work together, so you can make more. See how ekos_ops have helped other brewers master their craft.

Process & Pricing

The process and pricing of ekos_ops is based on your needs, your timeline, and how long you need one-on-one time with our team. We'll walk you through every step of the engagement process. Here's how it works:


1. Apply

Fill out the application form below so we can help you decide if ekos_ops is right for you.

Ask Questions

2. Intial Q&A

An expert from the ekos_ops team will reply with more details and questions, and next steps.

Needs Assessment

3. Needs Assessment

If ekos_ops is right for you, our team of experts will perform an in-depth Needs Assessment free of charge.

Ekos Proposal

4. Proposal Ready

 We'll have a proposal ready to discuss after completing the Needs Assessment.

Are you ready?

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