Jump out of the troubleshooting rabbit holes and let us help you quickly identify system inefficiencies and maximize the performance of your ekos_system — introducing ekos_sitewatch.




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We'll perform an in-depth Needs Assessment to get an accurate picture of what you need, when you need it and how long you’ll need us, one on one.


We’ll draft a detailed plan that activates all key team members (yours and ours) and keeps them accountable throughout the process.


We'll implement operational best practices in all needed areas — production, inventory, sales & accounting — through ekos_instance optimizations and team training.

What it boils down to after working with these companies the last couple of years, is that we can get to the bottom of problems in minutes as opposed to the company having to go down rabbit holes to see how they are doing — which in some cases could take hours to properly diagnose.

— Josh McKinney/ Co-founder & CEO ekos_
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Master your ekos_system and hit your stride with ekos_sitewatch.

Our goal is to make sure you are using your ekos_system software to its fullest potential — think of it as a production and process audit! On a quarterly-basis, our team of tech experts, specialized in your industry, will review your system’s usage data, and give you actionable feedback on standard operating procedures so that your team can better manage inventory, purchase flow, production and sales — minimizing hiccups and maximizing your bottom line.

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The quicker you find problems with your inventory the more you will save and grow. A quarterly ekos_sitewatch report can help you pinpoint where potential mistakes may be costing you money.

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Minimizing your waste and maximizing order fill rates is valuable to the success of your craft. Now, with ekos_sitewatch you can consistently ensure that your production management system is being used correctly and functioning at the optimum level.


Refine your sales flow and you’ll automatically improve every facet of your business across your ekos_system. With every quarterly sitewatch cycle, we will transform your usage data into customized recommendations so you can keep making profitable adjustments.

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Small accounting oversights can quickly add up to be big ones. With our hyper-focused reviews you can make sure that financial impacts such as equipment, labor, and product handling costs are being entered correctly — let your ekos_system do the heavy lifting.

End Goal
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The mission of ekos_sitewatch

The mission of ekos_sitewatch is to ensure optimal implementation of ekos_ software into your day-to-day business. We want you to experience and profit from the true power of technology built for your craft. Our ekos_sitewatch team combines industry experience with a comprehensive knowledge of the software to help refine and perfect how you use your ekos_system — so you feel secure and empowered.

What can you expect every quarter?

The ekos_sitewatch service is a quarterly performance audit designed for ekos_ clients. The three-step method includes a Sitewatch Performance Audit, Recommendations Report and Next Steps Review. This carefully constructed process will help you see what you're doing well, find areas of opportunity, and provide a follow up report containing customized recommendations and practical solutions – create big impact by making small changes.


Sitewatch Performance Audit

You won't have to do anything at first. We'll take a snapshot of your ekos_system and review your usage data. We'll compile our findings in a Sitewatch Performance Audit so you have clear picture of where you are.


Recommendations Report

Using your Sitewatch Performance Audit we'll know how your team is presently using your ekos_system. Knowing this usage data will allow us to formulate actionable recommendations for you to implement across your processes.

Next Steps

Next Steps Review

The on-going quarterly aspect of ekos_sitewatch makes it a powerful tool to keep your team and system on track. Consistent course corrections pay off big in the long run. The Next Steps Review will help you plan for the next quarter and keep your system running clean and efficiently.

What's the impact of ekos_sitewatch?

We found that our users are growing at a fast rate—7x verses the non–Ekos user—and don’t find the time to fully implement the system or use the functions correctly.

— Greg Forehand/ ekos_ founder & CTO

After more than three years of developing the Ekos Platform and working directly with craft beverage makers, we found that our users are growing at a fast rate (7x verses the non–Ekos user) and don’t find the time to fully implement the system or use the functions correctly.

The irony is, once you learn how the ekos_system is supposed to be set up and used, the right small changes on a consistent basis can get your entire system working in sync and performing at it fullest functionality – giving you more time to do the stuff you love!

Our mission at Ekos is to empower the craft beverage movement to help scale your business, streamline processes, and optimize your team. Through ekos_sitewatch we can give you the insight you need to tune in and implement your Ekos business management software to its fullest potential.The process is consistent and methodical, providing practical solutions and customized recommendations.

Gain confidence in knowing where you stand. Let ekos_sitewatch monitor and give clarity to your data so you can do your craft without worry. Allow our technology to work for you so you can make more. 

How it works

The process of starting the ekos_sitewatch service is simple. We'll walk you through every step of the engagement process. Here's how it works:


1. Send Form

Fill out the form below so we can get to know you a little more and kickstart the process.


2. Initial Q&A

An expert from the ekos_sitewatch team will reply with any questions and next steps.


3. Choose Yay or Nay

If you decide to start ekos_sitewatch, our team of experts will set you up and get the ball rolling.

Launch Sitewatch

4. Launch Sitewatch

We'll perform your first Sitewatch Rotation: Audit, Report, and Review.

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Are you ready?

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