photo of barrel brothers brewing beer

Success Story

Barrel Brothers Brewing

“Ekos helps us focus on our costs so that we can drive them down by realizing higher levels of operational efficiency. It frees up that cash so we can use it elsewhere in the business to help us grow.”

- Spencer McCroskey, co-founder & CFO


  • Opened in 2015
  • Ekos customer since 2018
  • Brewery & taproom in Windsor, CA
  • 3500 bbl production


  • 40% growth since implementing Ekos
  • 3 new product lines (non-alcoholic bev, seltzer & craft cocktails)
  • 5-10 hours per week saved by using Ekos vs. manual inventory processes



Barrel Brothers Brewing Company was founded by two brothers-in-law who had a passion for creating innovative, high-quality beers. Their labels use pop culture references frequently in their beer names, which helps them keep their brand focused on fun and innovation. In order to achieve their aggressive growth goals and keep innovating, they have concentrated on operational efficiencies and cost reduction to help them grow across their three product lines and multiple sales channels. In particular, they have focused on growing their DTC business, which really picked up during COVID and has been growing steadily since.


Before implementing Ekos, the team at Barrel Brothers Brewing was struggling with not having a centralized system to house their brewery’s information. This caused a variety of problems that were stifling their growth. They didn’t know their COGS and were spending 5-10 hours each week managing their inventory. Information was in so many places that it was hard to keep track of it all, which led to confusion and inefficiencies.


Since implementing Ekos, the team has been able to put tighter control on their finances, policies, and processes. With better visibility, they can free up cash to fund growth and further innovation. The Ekos software offers them flexibility, like being able to build a recipe around inventory they have on hand to drive new product innovation with less cash tied up in inventory. 

With Ekos, inventory management now takes about 20 minutes a week instead of 5-10 hours. “Life would be very chaotic without Ekos. We’d have to go back to the old sheets. It took a lot more time to do physical counts, do the math, and keep the spreadsheets updated. Ekos frees up a lot more time to focus on production and be innovative rather than doing the tedious jobs,” says Jason Thedorf, production manager. 

Barrel Brothers Brewing integrates their Ekos instance with Square and QuickBooks Online, which together make sure that their data is up to date across all their systems. Before the integration with Square, they frequently sold the same item to their taproom and DTC channels, meaning they didn’t have enough on hand to fulfill their customers’ orders. With the integrations, they always know what inventory is available and ready to be sold. That keeps their customers happy — and fully stocked on their favorite Barrel Brothers products.

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