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Success Story

Wah Gwaan Brewing

“Any time you can get a piece of software that's tailor-made for your industry, I think that that's going to give you more competitive advantage. Especially when it's well-designed and intuitive.”

- Jesse Brown, owner


  • Minority-, woman-, veteran-, and first-generation-American-owned
  • Opened in 2021
  • Based in Denver
  • “Wah gwaan” is a Jamaican phrase that translates to “What’s up?”


  • On track for 500 bbl production in first six months
  • Expanding into distribution in the next year
  • Secured offsite taps at taprooms that serve 3k pints each weekend



Wah Gwaan started with a love for home brewing and a desire to create a spot for those with Jamaican and Caribbean heritage to gather out West. Couple Harsha Maragh and Jesse Brown opened Wah Gwaan’s flagship spot in Denver in June 2021 with a goal to blend the “laid-back culture, sense of community and appreciation of good beer found in both Colorado and Jamaica” according to their website. The brewery boasts a wide offering that features many Jamaican-inspired beers like the Jerk Drum, which is made with allspice and jerk seasoning and finished with ginger and Scotch Bonnet peppers. Jamrock with Soursop, another Wah Gwaan offering, is an IPA sweetened with soursop, a fruit found in the Caribbean.


As a new brewery in the ever-growing brewery scene of Denver, Harsha and Jesse knew they had to stand out among the dense crowd of fellow brewers. Jesse worked in tech before starting Wah Gwaan and understood the need to establish their business using technology right from the start so their operation could be smooth sailing as their business grows. He also knew that integrating their business management software, Ekos, with a point-of-sale system was the only recipe for success.


Starting a brewery is no simple task. However, Harsha and Jesse said that utilizing Ekos as they enter the industry has set them up for success by always keeping them in the loop as to when they need to order new inventory or when their team has transferred the latest batch to a new tank.

“Having a software like Ekos has been very helpful, especially in the startup phase,” Jesse said. “We’re always running around doing 1,000 different things at once and 10 different jobs. Having something that I can just look at and get some transparency as to what’s going on at the brewery has been great.”

Since opening, Wah Gwaan has found great success utilizing Ekos with their brewing process, especially because the software is created with brewers in mind. The floorplan view in particular is one of the most helpful parts of the Ekos software for the business. It allows Jesse and Wah Gwaan’s head brewer, Richard Tucker, to see what step of the process their team is at with brewing at any given moment, even when they aren’t there to see in person. 

“The fact that I can fly to New York and still know where we’re at on a beer,” Jesse said, “knowing all of the details, especially from a brewery operations standpoint is very handy.”

Wah Gwaan uses the Arryved integration with Ekos for their point-of-sale system. Harsha and Jesse agree that the brewery’s Arryved integration is one of the highlights of using Ekos. Jesse said this integration provides their team with more transparency and fewer errors on the inventory side.

“Ekos and Arryved are really working together,” he said. “You’re not having to take data out of one, clean it and put it into another. It makes for a more streamlined workflow from the ownership standpoint.”

The team chose Ekos over competitors for the software’s ease of use and transparency into the brewing process.

“Our head brewer dove right into Ekos and loves it,” Jesse said. “He’s in there all day, every day.”

This upcoming year, Harsha and Jesse are moving into canning and looking forward to bringing Ekos along for the ride as they further establish themselves both locally and in the industry.

“We have a ton of friends in the industry,” Harsha said. “But beyond that, I think we’d like to just make other connections, get our name out there, and let other people know what we’re doing.”

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