keg tracking_

Never lose track of your kegs again

key benefits

  • Track a keg’s current location and associated product information
  • Quickly scan kegs in or out via mobile device
  • Scan and return multiple kegs easily
  • Manage ingredient, product, and keg inventory all in one system
  • Monitor keg deposits and credits and sync seamlessly with QuickBooks or Xero

We know it’s not really about the keg — it’s what’s inside the keg that counts. You put your heart into them and if you lose one, for even a short period, it wastes precious time and money that should be going into your craft. And that’s what matters — having the kegs you need when you need them. That’s what inventory management is all about.

Keg tracking functionality in Ekos allows your team to manage kegs from production to taproom and customer locations, all within our software. Ensure your product is consumed at its freshest and follow up with customers who are holding onto kegs longer than you’d like. You’ll also improve your team’s knowledge of keg locations and minimize annual keg loss so your team can avoid purchasing expensive new kegs and focus on growing your business.