keg tracking_

Never lose track of your kegs again

key benefits

  • Track a keg’s current location and associated product information
  • Easily return multiple kegs
  • Manage ingredient, product, and keg inventory all in one system
  • Monitor keg deposits and credits and sync seamlessly with QuickBooks or Xero

“Asset tracking is everything. Knowing where our kegs are allows us to provide reliable customer service to our accounts. I’m not sure it would be possible to stay on top of our 3,000+ kegs without Ekos.”

Adam Hickernell, head of distribution, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

The keg tracking software in Ekos allows your team to manage kegs from production to taproom and customer locations, all within your core inventory management system. Ensure your product is consumed at its freshest and follow up with customers who are holding onto kegs longer than you’d like. Plus, knowing how long a keg has been with a customer can help your sales team know when to reach out about a reorder. You’ll also improve your team’s knowledge of keg locations and minimize annual keg loss so your team can avoid purchasing expensive new kegs and focus on growing your business.

benefits of keg tracking software

  • Track your keg’s location. Ekos gives you the ability to look at customer profiles and see which of your products they currently have on hand and how long they’ve had them. This will give your sales team insight into the best time to follow up on reorders. Tracking your keg’s location also helps your logistics team easily account for the kegs once they have left your facility. If you’re running low, your team will know which customers to reach out to about getting kegs back in the building for cleaning and refilling.
  • Know how fresh your product is. You work hard to perfect your product, and it needs to be poured at its peak. Make sure the last drop is just as good as the first by keeping track of when it was packaged and how long the product has been at a customer’s location.
  • Keep keg data up to date from anywhere. This functionality is simple and easy to use, whether you are on the road or in your facility. Delivery drivers and other on-the-go team members can easily enter keg information from their phones when dropping off or picking up orders.
  • Handle large keg returns with ease. Save time by having the ability to enter kegs coming in from multiple locations at one time. You can also view a keg’s history, including information like where it’s been previously and the last time it was cleaned.

learn more about how breweries use Ekos keg tracking

  • Blowing Rock Brewing is able to better communicate with their distribution partner to understand when they aren’t receiving kegs or are experiencing other distribution errors — no more spending hours looking for a keg by hand.
  • Bike Dog Brewing tracks their 600-700 kegs to identify when they go missing. In particular, they benefit from access to information about the product and batch as well as how long a keg has been at a customer location.
  • Wolf’s Ridge Brewing takes asset tracking seriously. Their head of distribution relies on Ekos for everything from inventory data to keg tracking and delivery routes.