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You make exceptional wine. Ekos helps you track it. Manage production, quality trends, and costs in one centralized system that enables seamless team communication.

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one system. infinite possibilities.

We get it because we’ve been there. Managing a craft brewery is hard, and there are so many variables. That’s why we built Ekos — to make it significantly easier and more transparent. We empower you with data insights that help you maximize efficiencies, consistency and profitability while minimizing risks and lost time, quality, and sales.

breeze through TTB reporting & audits

Our system is so detailed, you’ll spend a fraction of the time collecting the data you need for TTB reporting. From raw materials sourcing and payments to recipes, fermentation timing, and batch sales, every step of the brewing process is documented, automated and easily accessible.

get the data you need without digging

Your business lives and dies on data, so it has to be trustworthy, comprehensive and accessible. Ekos serves as your source of truth, efficiently collecting meaningful data, like COGS, supply chain efforts, batch production, inventory management and sales in one place. See everything. Miss nothing. Make better decisions.

plan with confidence

Ekos facilitates scheduling, forecasting, production and sales planning so precisely, your risks plummet. Get insights on historical, real-time and forecasted data with a click. Avoid the costs and headaches of rush orders, delays and shutdowns due to inventory stockouts and poor planning.

keep inventory and assets where they should be

We make inventory management and keg tracking simple. From seeing how long you’ll have grain and automatic reordering when supply drops below a certain level to following keg shells from warehouse to customer, Ekos helps you minimize loss, keep production humming, and ensure quality products.

why wineries rely on Ekos

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manage every aspect of production

From grape intakes during harvest to case goods inventory, Ekos manages it all. Monitor wine composition and chemistry, keep tabs on work orders, and view lot volume and vessel locations anywhere, anytime.

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track wine quality over time

Make the switch to digital now so you can look back on lot history later. Your future self will thank you for the ability to view historical data that helps you identify wine quality and cost trends over time.

maximize your margins

Ekos seamlessly brings together data from every aspect of the winery to help you understand the cost of every bottle of wine you produce. Say goodbye to complicated (and inaccurate) costing spreadsheets.

“Ekos has really helped us keep track of inventory coming in, understand how that goes into the wine, and how that subtracts from inventory. It’s doing everything we need for production.”

– Ethan Brown, winemaker

the Ekos difference

best-in-class production experience

Work smarter with digital tools tailored to a winemaker’s workflow. Keep tabs on every aspect of production in an intuitive, cloud-based system that tracks wine lots from start to finish without paper records or spreadsheets.

  • Track composition, chemistry, and lab analysis digitally so you never lose your notes
  • Quickly access wine lots based on varietal, vintage, and vessel location
  • Get real-time visibility into production activities from anywhere on any device

built for the business-savvy winemaker

It’s hard to focus on the quality of your wine when you’re busy fixing spreadsheet errors. With Ekos, you can identify trends and address potential issues quickly. Plus, built-in reports help you stay compliant, track inventory, and automatically calculate production costs.

  • Manage inventory of raw materials and case goods at the most granular level
  • Save 10+ hours per month with pre-populated TTB reports
  • Generate 150+ additional reports at the click of a button

streamlined communication & data entry

Maybe you have DTC and accounting software — but do the systems talk to each other? Winery software serves as your central hub for inventory, production, sales, and accounting information so that data entry is one and done.

  • Document wine lots from grape intake to sales, through any channel
  • Streamline sales orders from distributors & retailers with Ekos Order Hub
  • Integrate with our DTC & accounting partners to avoid duplicate data entry

winery software buyers guide

Want to build a brand that lasts? It all starts with the right tools. Discover the pros and cons of winery software and the features to look for.

digitize & connect your entire supply chain

Eliminate errors that result from duplicate data entry and gain total business visibility by syncing with tools like QuickBooks, Arryved, Shopify, & Square.

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supporting you every step of the way

We were the first to market with brewery management software, and we’re still leading the pack. Not only is our solution a game-changer for breweries, but we offer expert support to help you succeed.

  • Personalized onboarding
  • Email & phone support
  • Dedicated team of Customer Success Managers
  • Live & on-demand training webinars
  • 24/7 knowledge-base articles
  • An experienced team who cares

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