Speed up your sales workflow by easily exporting your data.

key benefits

  • Eliminate manual reconciliation between Fintech Payments and Ekos
  • Ensure accuracy of your sales data by avoiding duplicate entry
  • Streamline the overall workflow of sales operations
  • Save time that you can put toward growing your distribution operation

Using Fintech Payments is an easy way to automate payment collection for self-distributing beverage producers. Luckily, when you use Ekos as your business management software, you can easily import your sales data from Ekos into Fintech without the hassle of entering information twice.

With our Fintech export functionality, quickly download a pre-formatted report with all required delivery data housed in Ekos. Import this report into Fintech, and you’re done. No headaches or glazed-over eyes required.

Fintech already saves you time on each delivery by automating payments. Now, you can improve efficiency behind the scenes, too.

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