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Ekos is a brewery management software that helps you make more beer, make more revenue, and make more of your data. With Ekos, you’ll streamline processes, save time, and discover insights to help you grow your business.

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brewery management
made easy

end-to-end brewery management

Ekos is the only brewery management software that connects your back office to your front office so you can manage your entire brewery — from inventory and production to sales and accounting — in a single system.

  • Scale your brewery as you continue to grow
  • Track from raw ingredients to the sale of finished products
  • Unlimited users and functionality for every employee
  • Keep track of your kegs so you never lose them

discover insights about your brewery

It is vital to know your brewery inside and out. With Ekos, you have key metrics at your fingertips so you can see a holistic view of your operation and utilize insights for better decision-making.

  • Real-time visibility into your operations including inventory and sales management (150+ pre-built reports included)
  • Sync your accounting, POS, and ecommerce software with time-saving integrations
  • Know your Costs of Goods Sold (COGS)

drive efficiencies in your brewery

Manual processes, pen-and-paper notetaking, and spreadsheets are slowing you down. Ekos helps you digitally manage your data through software so you can spend less time at your computer and more time making beer.

  • Save time with pre-populated TTB reports
  • Cloud-based software allows you to access from anywhere
  • Improve communication between departments

optimize every area of your brewery

Ekos is an end-to-end brewery management software that helps brewers manage processes in every department. No matter your role, we provide the tools to help you stay organized, work more efficiently, and streamline systems.

employee doing inventory


  • Manage inventory in real-time with visual floorplan view
  • Forecast your next order and plan for the future by analyzing cost patterns
  • Manage multiple locations in one software

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  • Assign tasks for the production team
  • Access production logs and maintenance records
  • Manage custom product recipes

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  • Sync with Square or Arryved software to keep your systems in sync and eliminate 6+ hours of manual data entry per month
  • Organize customer information, order history, contacts, and sales activity
  • Create purchase orders, invoices, and inventory receipts from any device
  • Check real-time inventory levels from anywhere

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  • Sync with QuickBooks or Xero software to eliminate 15 to 20 hours of manual data entry per month
  • Generate TTB reports and excise tax reports
  • Create end-of-month reports faster

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