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Ekos is the market leader in craft beverage software. See how we help craft beverage makers streamline inventory, production, sales, and accounting in one business management solution.

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Improve margins

Get better visibility into your costs to increase margins by 10-15%.

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Increase sales

Track sales activity and stay on top of inventory so you can sell more.

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Simplify TTB reporting

Save time on TTB and excise tax reporting with pre-filled reports.

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Discover insights

Easily understand COGS and business metrics with dashboards and custom reports.

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Eliminate double entry

Streamline data entry with accounting, POS, and ecommerce integrations.

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Never run out of supplies

Manage inventory and set reorder points so you always have what you need.

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“I remember 75-hour work weeks, and not because the beer had to get made, but because I had to pay taxes, or I had to handwrite invoices. All of these tasks pull you away from the brewhouse. Of course it’s an important part of the job — we have to get paid to keep doing this — but I’m a brewer. The number one thing I want to do is make sure that my beer is as good as it can be and comes out on time, and the more time I have to do that, the better. That’s what Ekos lets me do.”

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Matt John, head brewer

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