Ekos helps you sell more_

Whether you sell in your taproom, work with a distributor, have an ecommerce site, or self-distribute, you’re always thinking about how to make the next sale. You need to keep up with available inventory and future production, cultivate customer relationships, and manage your schedule. With Ekos, everything you need to sell more is at your fingertips.

why sales teams choose Ekos_

access real-time inventory

You can’t sell product if it’s not available, but how do you keep up with current inventory while you’re on the road? Ekos makes it easy.

  • Check real-time inventory in each storage location
  • Run reports on current inventory for raw materials and finished goods
  • Create sales orders and invoices to reserve finished goods for customers

manage customer relationships

As your business grows, so does the number of customers. Text messages or hand-written reminders aren’t going to cut it. You need a system to manage sales activities.

  • Assign activities for your reps for specific customers, including follow-ups
  • Get a monthly view of completed and outstanding activities
  • View customer history to understand past orders and patterns

custom dashboards & reporting

Congrats – you made the sale! Now you can track order history, account information, and communication, and schedule future activities.

  • Create personalized dashboards for sales reps to view stats and activities
  • Run reports for COGS, finished goods on hand, sales metrics, and excise tax — just to name a few
  • View top 10 customers, MTD and YTD sales, and revenue by item class

solutions for craft makers_

optimize every area of your business_

Ekos is an end-to-end business management software that helps makers manage processes in every department. No matter your role, we provide the tools to help you stay organized, work more efficiently, and streamline systems.


  • Manage inventory in real-time with visual floorplan view
  • Forecast your next order and plan for the future by analyzing cost patterns
  • Manage multiple locations in one system


  • Assign tasks for the production team
  • Access production logs and maintenance records
  • Manage custom product recipes


  • Sync with Square, Arryved, and Commerce7 to keep your systems in sync and eliminate 6+ hours of manual data entry per month
  • Organize customer information, order history, contacts, and sales activity
  • Create purchase orders, invoices, and inventory receipts from any device
  • Check real-time inventory levels from anywhere


  • Sync with QuickBooks or Xero to eliminate 15 to 20 hours of manual data entry per month
  • Generate TTB reports and excise tax reports
  • Create end-of-month reports faster

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