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You want to build a brand that lasts with a business that lasts. At Ekos, we are focused on helping you face today’s challenges while looking ahead to tackle what’s coming next.

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Ekos is the market leader in business management software for alcohol producers. Itching to know why? We thought you might be. Explore below.

Best customer support
Industry expertise
Comprehensive features
Software connectivity
Forward-looking vision

“Ekos is our backbone, really. We have a saying around the brewery: ‘Ekos is the Bible.’ When it really comes down to it, all of our business funnels down into Ekos… it’s our lifeblood, it’s what helps us succeed.”

– Tyler Davis, sales operations manager
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best customer support

When our customers win, we win. That’s why we’ve built the biggest and best team of customer support professionals in the market. From 24/7 online resources to hands-on guidance from one of our in-house technical support specialists, we’ve got you covered.

  • More than 25 team members to help you throughout your Ekos journey
  • Personalized service from three specialized teams: implementation, technical support, and customer success
  • Email and phone support included in every Ekos plan for no extra charge

industry expertise

Ekos has been around for nearly a decade. We’re highly experienced but always willing to learn and grow (our long-time customers can tell you how far we’ve come!). We pair our expertise in software development with in-depth customer research to design the right tools for our users.

  • Company leaders with decades of experience building software for small-to-medium-sized businesses
  • Robust customer feedback process to inform our product development roadmap
  • Team members with work experience in breweries and wineries

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comprehensive features

We want to help you run your whole business better — not just part of it. The backbone of Ekos is inventory and production management, and it goes beyond that to offer key functionality for sales and finance. Plus, Ekos automatically creates reports that help you tie it all together.

  • Benefits for every department: inventory, production, sales, finance, and management
  • Frequent software updates to deliver product enhancements and resolve bugs
  • Simple, pre-built reports (including COGS and TTB) that you can actually use and understand

software connectivity

Ekos integrations and partnerships help you get the most out of our end-to-end platform. Save time and frustration by connecting Ekos with other software you already use (or want to use). And with our partner network, you can get expert advice when you need it.

  • Market-leading accounting, POS, and ecommerce integrations
  • Partnerships with industry consultants and advisors who know and love Ekos
  • Actively working to connect your business data from grain (and grape!) to glass

“We chose Ekos for the culture and drive of the employees to assist and continue to improve the program. Everyone so far has been extremely receptive to ideas we have and are quick to implement new features”

– Melissa Aellen, winemaker
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forward-looking vision

Ekos was founded by two people hoping to move the craft beer industry forward with technology, and that mission hasn’t changed. Plus, we know what it’s like to manage and grow a small business, because we’re doing it too!

  • Shaping the future of the beverage industry with technology
  • Ongoing research on beverage industry trends so you can stay informed
  • Financial backing to fund constant product innovation and investment in our team

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