Free up time so you can focus on growing your business

key benefits

  • Save 2+ hours per week by eliminating manual reconciliation
  • Automate taproom/tasting room and ecommerce inventory depletion, and journal entry creation
  • Gain better business visibility with real-time tracking of tax-paid inventory

With the Arryved integration for Ekos, you can eliminate manual processes and duplicate entries while gaining complete visibility into key metrics that help you focus on growing your business. Ekos integrates with Arryved as well as with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and Xero so you can run your business seamlessly by reducing manual bookkeeping of POS and ecommerce transactions with your accounting system.

When you integrate Ekos with Arryved and your accounting software, you no longer need to pull manual sales reports to deplete inventory and create journal entries. Instead, you can automatically send your end-of-business-day sales transactions from Arryved to Ekos. Ekos immediately depletes your packaged product and merchandise inventory so you can plan future production and accurately allocate inventory to your taproom or tasting room and your online store. Ekos also automatically posts the invoice for daily sales and a daily journal entry to maintain up-to-date Cost of Goods Sold, tips owed to your employees, taxes owed, discounts given in the taproom, payments received from customers, and refunds given during the day.

Arryved POS Features

  • Keep tabs open without holding onto credit cards
  • Contactless payments and ordering
  • Offline mode for times when your internet is down
  • Built-in loyalty program, online store platform and digital menu boards at no extra charge
  • Real-time dashboard of taproom activity and craft beverage-specific data reporting 

What Ekos Customers Are Saying

“Previously, I spent so much time trying to make three things – inventory, POS and accounting – talk to each other and it was a nightmare. With the integration, they now connect to each other. It is a great timesaver, is way more efficient, and reduces inaccuracies in data. We are very, very happy with the Ekos and Arryved and QuickBooks integrations.”

Brian Stephan, Iowa Brewing Co.

“The integrations save us time and allow me to stay on top of the books. I don’t have to wait until the end of the month to have an accurate view of my data. When your books are up to date, you can pull financial records that a bank needs for larger business expenses.”

Patrick Lively, Lively Beerworks

Ekos & Arryved Integration FAQs

When should my business connect Ekos to Arryved?

Connecting Ekos with Arryved should be done after your team has completed onboarding and implementation of Ekos. Once Arryved is integrated, all sales transactions in the POS (and ecommerce site, if applicable) will sync to Ekos.

How do I set up the integration?

The Ekos team must enable the Arryved integration in your site after you have officially added it to your Ekos subscription. Reach out to the sales team below to get pricing!

Arryved is available to US customers only.

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