Ekos Historical Sales Dashboard

gain transparency into sales for better planning

Ekos Sales Historical Sales Dashboard presents sales data in an easily-consumable format so you find what you need when you need it without navigating to a different platform. See everything you need to forecast accurately and make smart decisions.

get pricing

data visualization in a single pane of glass

use historical data to fuel future growth

get comprehensive sales insights

With Ekos Historical Sales Dashboard, you and your sales and finance teams have access to detailed sales data that provides an accurate view of the health of your business and where you’re headed. Select your views and use the insights to make comparisons and predictions.

  • Recognize annual comparisons, sales trends, and future projections
  • Conduct performance analysis by products, items, buyers, and sales reps
  • See metrics including volume sold, revenue, and CEs/units sold
  • Analyze sales trends by product, item, salesperson, or company
  • Analyze year-over-year sales by product, item, salesperson, or company

gain strategic decision-making support

Get hours of time back when you ditch the spreadsheets and disconnected systems for consolidated data and automated analysis in the cloud-based Ekos Historical Sales Dashboard. Make data-backed decisions with confidence wherever you work.

  • Make cross-year, distributor, and buyer comparisons for inventory allocation
  • Apply metrics in financial, production, and sales planning
  • Forecast to drive informed business decisions

see what you want to see

The Ekos Historical Sales Dashboard is fully customizable and user-friendly so you can focus on what matters most to your business and change your views on demand. Each designated viewer can personalize their views and easily collaborate with standardized data.

  • Visualize data for various timeframes and comparisons
    tailor data filtering with global and chart controls and notifications
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of sales
  • Performance with detailed and big-picture metrics

aggregate and leverage sales data in a single system

Ekos Historical Sales Dashboard is built within the core Ekos business management software. This means that sales are directly tied to your accounting data, and all data will flow through the same system.

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