Giving craft producers valuable insights from distribution data

key benefits

  • Make sense of the distribution data you need to optimize revenue
  • Meet market demand by knowing what to produce and how much

Ekos and trusted data provider VIP have launched an integration for shared customers that provides valuable insights within one platform. This integration will bring together producer and distributor data between Ekos and VIP to take the pain out of three-tier distribution for craft beverage producers.

This new integration features a report of distributor inventory and projected depletion in Ekos. The report provides production, sales, and management teams with key inventory information, including:

  • On-hand inventory, filtered by distributor, product, and packaging type
  • Projected daily rate of sales and projected days on hand for each item, broken down by distributor
  • Sales for the last 90 days and year-over-year trends for each product and distributor

VIP Features

The first features of this integration include a report with:

  • Distributor stock & projected rates of sale — Check out how much inventory is in stock at your distributor and the projected sale rate so that you can prep products to restock
  • Historical sales data — Sales for the last 90 days and year-over-year trends for each product and distributor
  • Last update dates — See how recently your distributor updated inventory
  • Simple filters — Filter by distributor, product, and packaging type

Planned Features for the Future Ekos & VIP Integration*

Over the coming months, VIP and Ekos will work together to release additional features for the integration. Customers can expect future updates that will help producers improve demand planning, ensure consistency in product visuals and descriptions, and improve communication with distributors.

  • Use VIP data to forecast demand in the new Ekos demand planner tool
  • Sync product images and descriptions to VIP, centralizing your product information and helping you promote your brand
  • Import list of master distributor and outlet files, making it easy to onboard with Ekos and connect VIP data with your customers in Ekos
  • Automatically send shipment information from Ekos to distributors to update their starting inventory in VIP

Ekos & VIP Integration FAQs

How does the integration work?

When you sign up for the VIP integration in Ekos, you’ll grant our team permission to share your data in both Ekos and VIP. When this connection is set, the VIP report in Ekos will update once a day automatically, giving you access to valuable distributor and sales data right in Ekos.

When should my business connect Ekos and VIP?

Contact our team today to set up this integration and start seeing the value of Ekos and VIP. This integration can be set up during your Ekos implementation.

How do I set up the integration?

Our dedicated team of implementation specialists will be with you every step of the way to ensure your team is prepared and knowledgeable about how to get the most value from the VIP integration in Ekos.

*Features subject to change, without notice, based on customer feedback and market research

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