real-time inventory management_

The efficient management of a craft business begins with sound inventory management. There’s a lot of information to manage, including when a batch will be ready to package, how much inventory is needed to fulfill orders, and when new raw ingredients and packaging materials need to be restocked. Ekos is designed to manage all of that disparate information, so you can ditch the notebooks, whiteboards, and spreadsheets and instead access everything in one digital system.

why makers manage inventory with Ekos_

real-time inventory updates

Inventory management is critical to the planning process. Ekos updates inventory in real time when raw ingredients are used in batches or finished goods are created. Users can also:

  • Run reports on raw or finished goods inventory
  • View inventory in storage locations through the floorplan view
  • See current finished goods inventory to ensure sales orders can be fulfilled

forecast & plan for future orders

You need to stay on top of inventory levels in order to keep production on track. Ekos enables you to forecast raw ingredients and packaging usage. With Ekos, you can:

  • View fluctuations of completed goods based on scheduled packaging plans and invoices
  • Know when your ingredients are running low and set reorder points
  • Analyze cost patterns to plan for future orders

custom floorplan view

Ekos provides a digital view customized to match your facility, including your taproom or tasting room, warehouse, and storage areas. This view makes inventory management easy, allowing you to:

  • Transfer ingredient locations with easy drag and drop functionality
  • Track what’s in each tank or storage area in real time from any device
  • Save time by aggregating important info into a single, visual hub

optimize every area of your business_

Ekos is an end-to-end business management software that helps makers manage processes in every department. No matter your role, we provide the tools to help you stay organized, work more efficiently, and streamline systems.

employee taking inventory


  • Manage inventory in real-time with visual floorplan view
  • Forecast your next order and plan for the future by analyzing cost patterns
  • Manage multiple locations in one system

employees using a computer


  • Assign tasks for the production team
  • Access production logs and maintenance records
  • Manage custom product recipes

image of a pos sales system


  • Sync with Square, Arryved, or Commerce7 to keep your systems in sync and eliminate 6+ hours of manual data entry per month
  • Organize customer information, order history, contacts, and sales activity
  • Create purchase orders, invoices, and inventory receipts from any device
  • Check real-time inventory levels from anywhere

person using a laptop


  • Sync with QuickBooks or Xero to eliminate 15 to 20 hours of manual data entry per month
  • Generate TTB reports and excise tax reports
  • Create end-of-month reports faster

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