stay ahead of market trends and strengthen your sales strategy with sales forecasting

Planning production starts with forecasting demand. Supply must meet demand, but without the proper tools and transparency, it’s an uphill battle to find the perfect balance. Ekos sales forecasting enables you to harness the power of data for strategic foresight.

what we’re not

Ekos is not a complicated ERP system like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or Netsuite. We aren’t another point solution that does only one thing.

Ekos is a comprehensive brewery management system that helps you proactively prepare for demand fluctuations.

one, cloud-based system of record

Reactively responding to customer demand is exhausting and costly, and leads to missed opportunities and dissatisfied customers. Ekos presents the data you need to forecast, plan, and brew products with precision to unleash your business’s full potential.

Instead of guessing and crossing your fingers, you have actionable insights to inform decisions and keep your brewery ahead of the curve. Like a crystal ball, Ekos enables you to see future demand and demand fluctuations on a 13-week timeline, giving you plenty of time to prepare. With Ekos, you brew the right products in the right quantities at the right time to not only meet demand but also create it.

screenshot of production planning module in ekos brewery software
screenshot of reporting module in ekos brewery software

sales forecasting you can trust

Predicting demand has to be based on actual data. Ekos Sales Forecasting is seamlessly integrated into your existing platform and provides data-driven decision-making for greater strategic agility and growth potential. 

When you can trust your data, you have confidence in your decisions, run your brewery with greater efficiency, and keep costs down—all while crafting superior products and building stronger customer relationships. 

key capabilities

  • See historical and real-time sales figures per product
  • Link raw materials, production, and inventory to realistic forecasts
  • Monitor actual sales versus predicted sales
  • Connect data via integrations with VIP, Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Xero, and Shopify

key benefits

  • Stay proactively stocked to meet demand without overstocking
  • Plan your resources, production, and inventory with laser-sharp precision and less waste
  • Gain the agility to pivot and adjust your strategies in real time based on accurate predictions
  • Uncover hidden opportunities and unlock your business’s full potential
screenshot of order hub module in ekos brewery software

sales forecasting is just the beginning

Ekos was built to help beverage makers run their businesses better, save time, and gain the insights they need to make smarter business decisions. Our all-in-one brewery software solution is so comprehensive and automated, it makes predicting the future less obscure so you’re always a step ahead.

The real benefit of Ekos comes when all team members are entering their information into the platform. With data from across your brewery in one system, gathering insights is easy and producing high-quality, in-demand products efficiently is more assured. Ekos integrates with multiple systems to keep data and decisions.

what our craft beverage makers are saying

“We wanted software that could handle inventory, production management and sales forecasting. We weren’t comfortable with managing all of this in spreadsheets, CRMs or ERPs.”

– James Schellhorn, New Story Brewing

“When I have a question and I don’t need to go ask another department, that shows our success with Ekos.”

– Tyler Davis, Societe Brewing Company
Success Story

“You need something that operates the way Ekos operates and answers all of your questions. From inventory to sales to production, Ekos answers all of those questions for us.”

– Ted Zacharopoulos, Great Lakes Brewery
Success Story

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