603 Brewery chooses Ekos business management software

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Brewery uses Ekos to manage inventory and track COGS

LONDONDERRY, N.H. (April 13, 2021) – 603 Brewery, which opened in New Hampshire in 2012, recently implemented Ekos as its brewery management software. Ekos is used by one in five U.S. breweries as a centralized hub for business operations that connects inventory, production, sales and accounting.

“We chose Ekos because we wanted to have real-time inventory and cost tracking at our fingertips. It has been a great improvement over spreadsheets that were susceptible to human error,” said Mike Anastasi, production manager at 603 Brewery. “Ekos gives us the ability to track our costs from batch to batch on our beers, understand loss and gains in packaging, and complete TTB reporting right through the software.”

The 603 Brewery team, which produces 12,000 barrels annually, will be using Ekos to: 

  • Track production tasks, manage tanks and fermentation and plan batches 
  • Run reports to better understand COGS and other costs 
  • Streamline TTB reporting by leveraging pre-filled reports 
  • Reconcile data between systems to cut down on data entry 
  • Plan and forecast for future batches and understand inventory needs

“The most common piece of feedback we hear from customers is how Ekos helps them manage inventory with ease,” said Josh McKinney, CEO at Ekos. “We love helping customers like 603 Brewery take their operations to the next level by ditching spreadsheets and optimizing processes so they can free up time to focus on growing their businesses.”

To learn more about Ekos and its business management software for breweries, visit goekos.com/breweries.

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