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Hiring the Right People for Your Craft Business

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Tips for hiring employees who can help your business grow

As a growing company, there comes a time when responsibilities must be delegated — and after a while, your existing team won’t be able to handle the workload. When adding to the team, it’s important to take the time to hire the right candidates for the job. You don’t want to hire someone simply because they can fulfill the job requirements. You want to choose the ideal candidate who will be dedicated to your brand and contribute to the growth of your business.

Satisfied employees are the backbone of any successful company, but building the perfect team is a lot easier said than done. You must have a hiring strategy that helps you identify the right candidate for the role in question and one whose values align with your company’s.

Anyone can look through a pile of resumes and find candidates that fit the mark. Before doing that, take stock of your company’s strengths and weaknesses and find the candidate that not only meets the job requirements but adds value to your team in an area that might be lacking. When hiring, you should look for experience, skills, and aptitude. 

  • Experience – Hiring someone with a background in the craft industry is a sure way to add value to your team. With less time needed for onboarding, an experienced candidate will be able to start contributing to the company on day one. Their background knowledge will enable them to provide insights that can help you shape the future of your craft business.
  • Skills – As you grow, you’ll need more talent to perform the necessary tasks to run your business. When hiring for a position, take the time to learn about other skills or passions the candidate has. Just because you hire them for one role doesn’t mean they can’t help out with your social media, videography, graphic design, or another area if it’s what they love. Not only does this help your company by saving you from hiring someone else, but it also keeps your core employees more engaged in all facets of the business.
  • Aptitude – Although related experience is important, it’s not the be-all and end-all of the hiring process. Some positions might require direct experience, while less technical positions can be taught to any individual that is enthusiastic and eager to learn about the craft beverage industry. Determine what skills are a must-have for the role and don’t limit your pool of candidates because of a lack of experience. Hiring an employee with the right attitude to successfully take on whatever tasks are thrown their way adds unmatched value to your company.

How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Candidates

Avoid making the following hiring mistakes when searching for the ideal candidate:

Don’t Outsource Your Hiring

Outsourcing your hiring can be tempting. After all, you’re adding to your team because there isn’t enough time in the day for you to get everything done. But in a growing business, you (or a dedicated hiring/HR manager) must be a part of the hiring process. You know your company and employees best. You understand the craft beverage industry and the must-have skills for the role. You value your company above all else. Despite their best intentions, no outsourced company is likely to take the time to find the perfect candidate — their top priority is to fill the role with a qualified candidate. Will they fill the position with someone who will also mesh with the company culture and help take your business to the next level? Don’t run the risk of hiring an applicant that doesn’t work out long-term because you outsourced the hiring.

Don’t Limit the Number of Applicants

There are plenty of candidates that have the skills to do the job — the key is narrowing down the applicants and finding the diamond in the rough that your company can’t operate without. When posting your job, you need to get in front of the best talent. To avoid limiting the number of applicants for the role, take advantage of the variety of job boards where you can list the job. The broader you make your search, the more applicants you can evaluate, giving you the best opportunity to hire the ideal person for your team. 

Don’t Become Impatient

It takes time to find the right candidate. The worst thing you can do is become impatient and hire someone simply to have an extra set of hands in the here and now. If they don’t work out long-term, you’ve wasted both time and resources onboarding and training the new hire. Your goal as a business owner is to find qualified candidates that can grow alongside your team. Take as much time as needed for the perfect candidate to apply.

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