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How to Retain Your Top Employees

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Investing in people to create a loyal group of employees

Hiring the right candidates is only the first piece of the puzzle that is building a scalable team. You need to be willing to invest in your employees from the moment they walk in the door. From cultivating a positive company culture to offering competitive benefits and compensation and providing continuous development opportunities, you need to ensure you’re doing everything you can to retain top talent.

Failing to hold onto key employees within your company is not only costly to your bottom line but can also lower employee morale. Plus, it  takes valuable time to recruit, hire, and train new employees. Get buy-in from your team by implementing the following tactics:

  • Set Clear Expectations – As an employer, you need to keep your team motivated. Let them know your expectations of them and set individual and team performance goals that align with the company’s growth goals. Doing so will allow your employees to see firsthand how their actions impact the company’s growth — making them feel like they’re part of something special. 
  • Recognize Top Performers – One of the easiest ways to keep employees happy and engaged is to acknowledge their achievements. By valuing performance and rewarding those who go above and beyond, you’ll create a positive environment built on hard work. Recognition can range from a verbal shoutout at a company meeting to a certificate or a promotion. There’s no right or wrong way to recognize your team for their hard work, and different employees prefer different types of recognition. Regardless of how you show your appreciation, happy employees stay at a company longer!
  • Provide Development Opportunities – Top performers are always on the lookout for ways to improve their skills so they don’t stagnate. If you hire a driven candidate and don’t offer ways to help them in their career, they’re going to look elsewhere. Find ways to continually allow your team to upskill by taking on more projects, attending craft industry workshops and conferences, and crosstraining in other departments. Allow your curious and driven employees to thrive in their roles by offering them the skills needed to advance within the company.
  • Offer Competitive Compensation – Not every person is motivated by money, but that doesn’t mean you can offer the lowest wages and retain a high-performing team. You don’t need to pay the highest salaries in your area, but you need to be competitive within the craft beverage industry. Offering competitive compensation packages, bonus opportunities, and annual raises can help keep your employees satisfied.
  • Maintain Open Communication – Each of your employees was hired because you valued what they bring to the table. Ensure your company has open communication where everyone feels comfortable speaking their mind and sharing their ideas. Getting feedback (both positive and constructive) from your employees will only make your organization stronger!
  • Encourage Employees to Use Their Talents – Just because you hired someone for a specific role doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t want to contribute to other parts of the business. Get to know your employees and learn about their passions and skills outside of work. Often those passions, such as photography or social media, can be used within your company. Tapping into your motivated employees’ passions and finding ways for them to contribute in areas outside of their job description will help keep them excited about their role.

As your business grows, your employees will need to be able to adapt to organizational changes. By taking the time to cultivate a positive work environment and continually encourage your team from the get-go, you’ll set your team up to successfully persevere through whatever growing pains come your way. 

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