The Best Beer Marketing Campaigns of 2022

There’s no denying the creativity that the craft beer industry breeds: from can design to events and more, there’s always something fun and beautiful to see or do — which is, of course, the idea. Creative marketing can bring in new customers, develop an identity for your brand, or even boost your sales. We love and admire the creativity of the industry, which is why we wanted to highlight some of the best beer marketing campaigns of 2022.

Outstanding Charitable Campaign: JuneShine

Kombucha brewer JuneShine created a special drink, “Booberry,” to benefit the Benchetler Fasani Foundation, a group that helps those experiencing hardships and losses connect with nature. This foundation was started after professional snowboarder and JuneShine ambassador Kimmy Fasani Benchetler was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. Kimmy and her husband, Chris, each moved to Mammoth, California to pursue professional snowboarding and skiing careers shortly after one of each of their parents died of cancer. Their foundation is based on the healing properties of nature and aims to help those experiencing hardships recover mentally. Chris Benchetler executed the can art for this special flavor featuring blueberry, elderberry, lavender, and ginger. Plus, 10% of the proceeds benefit the Benchetler Fasani Foundation.

Best Product Launch: Burial Beer

Asheville-based Burial Beer Co. went all out for Halloween this year, building on the brewery’s generally spooky vibe. “Things We See In The Darkness Dwell In The Damnation of The Unforgiven” is an Imperial Stout featuring all of the best parts of Halloween and fall: candy pumpkins, caramels, honey, dulce de leche, cocoa butter, and Tahitian vanilla bean. The stout’s product launch is dark from top to bottom — from the caption to the claw plucking a pumpkin from the patch.

Best Can Design: Jackie O’s Brewery

Jackie O’s debuted a winter treat with an even sweeter design: “Deck the Hills.” Deck the Hills is a celebratory English-style holiday ale featuring an adorable raccoon pulling a sleigh on the can. Ohio-based Jackie O’s produces a lot of animal-oriented cans, but this design made us feel all of the warm and fuzzy holiday feelings.

Best Packaging Design: Tonewood Brewing

Tonewood Brewing’s new taproom, which opened in early 2022, lives on the site of the former lumber center in their town. This brew, “Lumberyard,” and its packaging pay homage to the former Mr. Roberts Lumber Company. The construction of their taproom plays into their values of quality, community, and sustainability as the brewery reused the property to build out an environmentally friendly space with a rooftop solar array that powers their facility and works to lessen the carbon footprint of the brewery. The beer’s packaging serves as a creative way to advertise Tonewood’s efforts to protect the environment and repurpose the former lumberyard into a new, beautiful space for the community, down to the “brewed with solar energy” message on the front. 

Innovative Beer Marketing Campaign: Bronx Brewery

Bronx Brewery’s ongoing Y-Series is a collaboration for showcasing the creativity in their own backyard, aiming to bring people together and highlight creators for their work in the community. Each collaboration features a themed beer release with artwork by the featured artist or a playlist in honor of the collaboration. Bronx Brewery also creates a feature video on the work the creator does and the impact this work has on the community. Finally, the brewery and chosen artist collaborate to put on an event to benefit a nonprofit selected by the artist. These events range from DJs to writing and drawing prompts.

Creative Video Production: 4 Noses Brewing Company

When 4 Noses Brewing Company had a new double IPA on the way, they knew exactly what to name it: “Jeff,” after one of their most “regular regulars.” This video captures an honest, sweet take on the naming process and the 4 Noses team getting to surprise Jeff with his new brew! Not only did the team at 4 Noses come up with a creative beer and campaign to connect their community, but the video helped to spread the word far and wide. 

Best Use of Social Media: Zilker Brewing Company

Austin-based Zilker Brewing Company shares it all on social media: employee shout outs, product shots, merch promotion, and events. There’s no shortage of vibrant content to take in and get you interested in showing up to their Austin taproom. Plus, their social media features a healthy mix of videos, photos, and interactive captions to get the conversation started on their brewery.

Best Overall: Strange Fellows Brewing

Strange Fellows Brewing is for just that: strange fellows. Included in the mix is “Krampus,” a Belgian-Style Abbey Dubbel launched just in time for Krampusnacht, a devilish holiday celebrated in Austria, Canada and elsewhere around the world the night before St. Nicholas was set to visit children and give them toys. Instead, Krampus supposedly chases naughty children around their town. Strange Fellows celebrated the holiday with a brewer-oriented take on The Night Before Christmas, a Krampus Market, and even pictures with Krampus (move over, Santa). This launch harnessed the team’s wildest dreams of creativity and is a delicious-sounding beer, but also truly plays into Strange Fellows’ mission to welcome strangers from all walks of life.

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Written by Jackie Park