lot tracking_

Maintain the highest standard of traceability in the industry

key benefits

  • Keep track of raw ingredients and packaging materials by lot code
  • In case of a recall, easily find the affected batches and where/when they were distributed
  • Maintain certifications by leveraging data from Ekos
  • Ensure compliance with traceability laws
  • Use lot codes to determine which finished goods should be shipped to customers first
  • Easily associate lot codes with packaged goods based on the packaging run to help determine “best by” dates

If you discovered today that a product was contaminated, what would you do? Would you know which batches needed to be recalled and what packaged goods were associated with them?

Lot tracking is a recommended best practice by both the government and industry authorities to mitigate risk in case of a recall. With Ekos lot tracking you build a strong foundation for enhancing quality control and aligning with industry best practices. From production to distribution, lot tracking gives you the ability to preserve the chain of custody. Plus, if you are maintaining any certifications or trying to ensure compliance with traceability laws, lot tracking reduces the need for having records outside of Ekos.

Should you ever have an issue with a batch, lot tracking in Ekos can show you exactly where something went wrong. This functionality adds an extra level of quality assurance to help guarantee consistency across batches, including barrel aging programs. You can choose the lot picking method that works best for your business, whether that’s FIFO (first in, first out), LIFO (last in, last out), or FEFO (first expired, first out). Another added benefit of Ekos lot tracking is the ability to group data by packaging run to more clearly organize batches. You can easily print labels to help identify which lots are associated with packaged goods — helping identify the origin of the issue in the event of contamination or recall.