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Ekos contains the features and integrations you and your team need to operate efficiently—and none you don’t. Manage your entire business in one platform for unprecedented visibility and insights.

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Ekos offers insights and capabilities that fuel data-driven decisions for a more successful business. When everyone across the business uses Ekos, you shift from guessing, searching and manual entries to making real progress together, with data you can trust. Ekos serves as your single source of truth.

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user-friendly features built for Canadian craft beverage makers

Unlike other software solutions, Ekos is affordable, complete and easy to use. With unlimited users, your entire team gains visibility into what matters to them and leaders can make smarter, forward-thinking decisions. Just a few of the many game-changing Ekos features:

Facility View

Enjoy a real-time digital view customized to match your facility, including your taproom or tasting room, warehouse, and storage areas. With drag-and-drop functionality and real-time tracking, Inventory and Production teams can collaborate with precision.

Production Task Management 

With HL UOM options, easily compare production costs and outcomes to get smarter with every batch. Confidently plan future batches, and assign responsibilities and reminders, and maintain ideal inventory levels with Production, Operations, and Inventory teams in sync.


Dive into Forecasting to easily manage raw materials, work in process liquid, production components, finished goods, and more. Inventory, Production, Sales, and Accounting teams can accurately forecast needs and plan accordingly.

Multiple Location Management 

Gain visibility into production, storage, and tap/tasting rooms in one place. Manage inventory at each location plus transfers between them, dividing the operations by tax ID and location for more streamlined accounting and compliance reporting.

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French Invoicing for Quebec Compliance

Recognizing the linguistic diversity in Canada, Ekos includes French invoicing capabilities to comply with Bill 101 in Quebec. Rest assured that your business is efficient and adheres to local regulations to foster good relations with authorities and customers alike.

Reports, Dashboard and Analytics

Access 150+ standard reports and generate custom reports per business unit (with HL UOM options). Have essential financial data at your and your teams’ fingertips with customized dashboards per role and analytics that bring data to life in various formats.

Keg Tracking

Equip Inventory, Production, and Sales teams with valuable keg tracking capabilities. Tie finished keg inventory to the batch, monitor keg freshness per keg and location, and easily keep tabs on keg locations so you never lose a keg or risk stale beverages.

Canadian Local, Provincial & Federal Tax Reporting

Ekos’s comprehensive tax reporting features simplify the complexity of Canadian tax regulations by offering accurate and automated local, provincial, and federal tax reporting, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

Lot Tracking & Fermentation History

Trace and manage your products throughout the production cycle, including tracking fermentation history. See patterns and outliers to identify issues earlier and improve processes and recipes to ensure consistent quality products.

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