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Success Story

Beer'd Brewing Company

“I don't think that I could ever live without this level of granular reporting. The fact that Ekos interfaces directly with our accounting system — it’s the only way to do it.”

- Aaren Simoncini, CEO


  • Two locations in Connecticut
  • Owned by husband-wife duo
  • Ekos customer since 2017


  • 5.5k bbl in 2021
  • Distributed in six states
  • Improved visibility of data across the business



When Aaren Simoncini and Precious Putnam met in college, neither of them guessed that they’d use their Rochester Institute of Technology degrees to start a brewery. In 2012, however, the couple took the leap and opened up Beer’d Brewing Company. Today, the brewery produces more than 5,500 barrels per year and has two locations in Connecticut. These taprooms boast both a regular rotation of brews alongside a stacked variety of experimental beers.


Beer’d Brewing’s early days as a nanobrewery were filled with a lot of spreadsheets and about 100 barrels of beer. As the brewery has grown, however, their needs have become more complex. With a 32-person team and production 55x greater than the first year they brewed, Aaren and Precious knew they needed a solution that would scale with them. 


In the 10 years since Beer’d Brewing opened its doors, Aaren and Precious have developed a sophisticated tech stack to keep the brewery growing year after year, something Ekos is empowering. 

With two taprooms and two production facilities, it’s essential for the brewery’s technological pieces to work together. On the accounting side, Beer’d utilizes QuickBooks Online integrated with Ekos. “Excel sheets get burdensome and trying to make sure that your tax reporting is done appropriately becomes challenging, especially as you get more hands in the pot,” Aaren said.

Distributing beer in six states means that it’s crucial for Aaren’s two sales reps to use the most effective communication possible: Ekos and an internal sales platform. His team uses Ekos to ensure their inventory is always up to date, something that helps their team save time and sell more. “As we’ve grown into self-distribution and produced more, our technological needs have gotten more complex. Being sure that our inventory and tax record-keeping is accurate is paramount, which is why we’ve grown our tech use over the years,” Aaren said. 

The brewery’s data in Ekos also allows the Beer’d team to plan their production schedule. “We know what kind of cadence we need to create beers and what to order to make sure the inventory is there. That’s all driven by the data out of Ekos,” Aaren said. The data the Beer’d team gets from Ekos isn’t something they take for granted. Aaren says it’s a huge part of his job and empowers the brewery to always push forward both financially and with their products. “I don’t think that I could ever live without this level of granular reporting,” Aaren said. “The fact that Ekos interfaces directly with our accounting system — it’s the only way to do it.” 

This year, the Beer’d team is focused on growth and making the most of their technology to work efficiently and streamline communications. “As we continue to grow our brewery, we’re looking forward to growing our relationship with Ekos as well,” Aaren said.

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