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Success Story

Parish Brewing Co.

“I can’t imagine life without Ekos for us now. Having these functions all in one system, when the interface and the intuitive nature of it is designed around a beverage production facility… I think it’s clearly the best solution."

- Andrew Godley, founder


  • Ekos customer since 2018
  • 20,000 bbl produced per year
  • Located in Broussard, LA


  • International distribution
  • Easy TTB reporting
  • Operate 100% debt-free for the last 8 years



When Andrew Godley founded Parish Brewing in 2009, it was one of only two breweries operating in Louisiana. From their start as a nanobrewery brewing beer in 55-gallon drums, Parish Brewing has grown to produce around 20,000 barrels per year. They employ 33 people and distribute across the south. Through this process of rapid growth, they’ve maintained a sustainable business model, hold zero debt, and have built a cult following of fans from around the world.


Before Ekos, Andrew was single-handedly managing the inventory for Parish Brewing. “I was the central nervous system of the brewery,” he told us. “We were basically running everything on a week-by-week basis.” That process worked fine when the business was creating fewer beers and distributing in smaller volumes, but as they grew, the team knew they needed a system for production, shipping, and inventory that could be accessed easily by folks across the organization.


Ever since they started using Ekos in 2018, ordering, pricing, shipping, and inventory management have become much easier and more seamless. “Before Ekos, we had very little documentation of what was happening [in the business],” Andrew said. “Having Ekos improved communication dramatically. We use it to plan everything from our brewing to dry hopping to our packaging.” The Parish team makes use of the Quickbooks integration, which lets them easily pull data for TTB reporting and send updated financials to their accountant. They use that same financial information to make sure that they’re charging the right amount for their beers and that their inventory costs are manageable. Andrew also likes that the Ekos interface is intuitive, so anyone in the business can use it without special training.

All around, Andrew and his team can’t imagine running their business any other way. “We definitely couldn’t have scaled the business up as quickly or effectively as we did without Ekos.”

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