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hand-crafted for craft makers

We empower craft makers to scale their businesses, streamline their processes, and focus on what they love.

the story of Ekos

Ekos was founded in 2014 based on a love of craft beverages and software development. Our founders discovered that craft producers were using manual methods like spreadsheets and clipboards to manage their processes and knew there must be a better way.

The only options available were expensive and complicated ERP systems, so they set out to create Ekos, a business management system that was affordable, easy to use, and carefully crafted for craft manufacturers. Ekos is now the industry-leading software for beer, wine, and cider producers, with features and integrations to automate manual tasks like no other tool can.

words we live by

when our customers win, we win

Focus on the customer. We listen, understand our customers’ needs, and empower them to grow their businesses.

we are one team

Together, we are more than the sum of our parts. We seek opportunities to serve others, collaborate, and build community, both inside and outside of Ekos.

be courageous

Be truthful, clear, and transparent in all interactions. We aren’t afraid to speak up and have difficult conversations, and always communicate with empathy, integrity, and concern for others.

say it, do it

Take action, take ownership, and move quickly in decision-making. We hold ourselves and others accountable for following through on commitments and delivering results.

be better than yesterday

Successful people are excited and energized by progress. We are creative, curious, and resilient as we imagine innovative solutions, take calculated risks, and build the future of Ekos.

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balanced life

Work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword. We stay energized by balancing our personal and professional lives in a healthy way.

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the Ekos difference

business management

Optimize your business across inventory, production, sales, and accounting

efficient record-keeping & communication

A cloud-based, digital system means no more spreadsheets

dedicated support

Onboarding assistance and access to support product experts

community connection

We’re a driven team united by our passion to support the craft movement by connecting and empowering independent makers to focus on what they love. We put our customers first in everything we do — from product development to support — to make sure we are providing the most value and creating the best software in the market.

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optimize every area of your business

Ekos is an end-to-end business management software that helps makers manage processes in every department. No matter your role, we provide the tools to help you stay organized, work more efficiently, and streamline systems.


  • Manage inventory in real-time with visual floorplan view
  • Forecast your next order and plan for the future by analyzing cost patterns
  • Manage multiple locations in one system


  • Assign tasks for the production team
  • Access production logs and maintenance records
  • Manage custom product recipes


  • Organize customer information, order history, contacts, and sales activity
  • Create purchase orders, invoices, and inventory receipts from any device
  • Check real-time inventory levels from anywhere


  • Sync with QuickBooks or Xero to eliminate 15 to 20 hours of manual data entry per month
  • Generate TTB reports and excise tax reports
  • Create end-of-month reports faster

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