5 Reasons Why - Your Brewery Accounting Team will Love Using Ekos

Money – Money – Money

It’s everyone’s favorite topic, especially when it involves making a budget. So  whether you’re an accounting nerd or would prefer not to touch it even with a 10 foot pole – Ekos is a great resource for your team. We are fully integrated with QuickBooks (Desktop and Online) and can import or export data for other accounting systems. Learn the top 5 reasons to let Ekos help manage your brewery's finances-  


1.     QuickBooks Integration

Your team relies on QuickBooks - it’s their lifeline to keep track of where the money is going. We know what a great resource this platform is and have fully integrated with it to help make life easier for our customers. The financial integration helps save your team time by eliminating double entry. During the integration process, our team works with you to make sure your books are up to industry standards by reviewing your Chart of Accounts – making a seamless merge. The accounting system integrations have only begun with our brewing software, so keep your eyes open for more new integrations!


2.     Real Time Inventory Cost Accounting

Brews continue to go out the door, but your team’s not sure where the inventory is going or what it’s costing them to produce it. We’re here to help. Ekos allows you to track the cost of the item from start to finish in real time – giving you the ability to see your cost of goods sold.



3.    Easily Accessible Data For Decision Making

Daily decisions are made around the brewhouse. Whether it’s how time is spent, what brews to brew, or how much inventory to purchase - your team is constantly making decisions that affect the future of the brewing business. Ekos can help track your brewery’s finances from ordering inventory to future sales orders. Allowing your team to make more informed decisions based off historical knowledge. Customized reporting allows you to drill down into the details of inventory you have consumed, cost of each item, where it’s being used, how it’s created to help something else, and tracking sales.


4.     Double Entry Reduction

By creating invoices in Ekos, all of the inventory is accounted for while keeping QuickBooks clean. Once an invoice is finalized it is synced over to QB (along with the customer information if it is a new customer, shows up exactly how it would look as if you created it there, and that is where the payment is received. Once the payment is applied in QB that then syncs back to Ekos showing the correct remaining balance. The same process happens with your inventory receipts so that they show up in QB as bills that need to be paid. Don’t duplicate, integrate!


5.    Tax Reporting

Your team is spending hours upon hours gathering data for the Brewers Report of Operations (BROP) as well as your monthly state reporting. It consumes time that could be spent on planning your company’s future. Ekos generates the Monthly, Quarterly, and Brewpub BROP documents – while also pulling the numbers needed for your state’s reporting. Giving hours of time back to your team a month to focus on brewing or dreaming/ planning for future growth. Looking for TTB reporting for the cider process? Ekos also supports the Report of Wine Premises Operations for cider makers.


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