save 10+ hours per month on TTB reporting

Kiss painful TTB reporting goodbye. Ekos was custom built for the brewery industry specifically, providing a detailed and easily discoverable audit trail of every detail important to your brewery business reporting, from grain to glass. Just create invoices and brew. We’ll do the rest.

what we’re not

Ekos is not a complicated ERP system like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or Netsuite. We aren’t another point solution that does only one thing.

Ekos is a comprehensive brewery management system that makes running your business and managing TTB compliance easier.

one, cloud-based system of record

Ekos eliminates manual record keeping on clipboards and spreadsheets and all the frustration with them. Our brewery management system automatically tracks each step of the brewing process in your daily workflow so you don’t have to.

From raw materials, inventory and recipes to brewing, packaging, storage and sales, Ekos automatically documents and calculates it all in real time. No more digging. No more disconnected data. No more guessing at your finished goods inventory. No more wondering where inventory is. No more paperwork that takes the fun out of brewing. With Ekos you can measure what matters and have it all right at your fingertips in one unified platform.

screenshot of production planning module in ekos brewery software
screenshot of reporting module in ekos brewery software

data & reports at your fingertips

Ekos makes generating your Brewers Report of Operations and Excise Tax Returns reports fast and easy with pre-filled reports. Gain a direct line of sight into your entire business so you can troubleshoot any potential discrepancies before the tax period ends.

Once you’ve read, reviewed and approved the report for submission, you can set a closing period to ensure no further changes are made without your approval. Only those granted access can view the reports, so you maintain complete control.

key capabilities

  • Tag items in Ekos to make report generation seamless every month
  • Pull reports with the latest data on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • Drill into each number in the report to see what batch, invoice, or source the data came from
  • Protect data by setting closing periods on reports once you’ve reviewed them

key benefits

  • Automated data entry and calculations eliminate errors and reduce workload
  • Pre-populated TTB and Excise Tax reports cut report generation time by hours
  • 150+ metrics dashboards provide unprecedented visibility into your business
  • Clickable report generation reduces time and stress if audited
screenshot of order hub module in ekos brewery software

TTB reporting is just the beginning

Ekos was built to help brewers run their businesses better, save time, and gain the insights they need to make smarter business decisions. Our all-in-one brewery software solution is so comprehensive and automated, it naturally streamlines TTB reporting.

When your daily operations are documented and your data is connected in one system, not only is TTB reporting simple, but you can run your business more efficiently and profitably. Ekos is designed to break down silos and replace reliance on disparate manual systems breweries rely on today. We guarantee you’ll spend less time collecting, entering and reporting data.

what our brewery partners are saying

“After using various different brewery software, we came to Ekos for an all-in-one product. We are able to plan, schedule, manage inventory and our day-to-day tasks without the need for external spreadsheets.”

– Ivan Dedek, brewmaster

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