The Ultimate Sales Guide for Independent Alcohol Producers

Mastering Your Distribution Channels

Selling beer, wine, cider, or seltzer is a lot more complicated than just pouring it into a glass and swiping a credit card. For one, there are more sales channels out there besides the tasting room — though which ones are available to you depends on a whole laundry list of factors.

But regardless of how you’re selling your products, you need to do it strategically. Without a solid plan and measurable goals, there’s a lot of room for error (and very little room in your profit margins).

In this guide, we break down the four major sales channels available to independent alcohol producers: taproom/tasting room, ecommerce and club, self-distribution, and wholesale distribution. Get valuable, action-oriented advice on the best practices for each channel that will help you maximize profit margins and scale your business.

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