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Success Story

Visuals Wine

“Ekos provides peace of mind that everything has been documented and you didn’t skip a step — so when you need that information, you know it’s there.”

- Tim Gormley, Director of Development, Founder & Co-Owner


  • Began wine production in 2018
  • Ekos customer since 2016 for Burial Beer production


  • 450 cases produced in 2020
  • Production growth planned for 2021 harvest
  • 2 locations
  • 10,000 bbl beer production with Burial Beer


Visuals Wine began in 2018 when the team at Burial Beer, a brewery in Asheville, NC, decided to expand into natural wine production because of their love of wine. During their annual trip to the Northwest to purchase hops, the team also purchased about two tons of grapes, which they used to produce a sweet and dry vermouth.

Each year, Visuals Wine has increased its production, and is on track to produce about 450 cases of wine from the 2020 harvest. The team has big plans to grow production for the 2021 harvest season in a new facility. 


Prior to using Ekos, the Burial Beer team was using a project management tool to run production. They would create tasks for each of their products and assign them to staff. While this helped organize production tasks, it had a big flaw: the production information was not organized in a reportable way or tied to costing. With plans to grow into a second location, the Burial Beer team knew they needed a system that would organize their data better, and that’s when they implemented Ekos.  


The team was so happy with Ekos that when they decided to open Visuals Wine, Ekos was the clear choice for a winery management system. They found that for wine production, the system is just as intuitive as it was for beer. Tim Gormley, director of development for Visuals, especially likes the floorplan view, which shows inventory locations and production status on the floor plan. “Being a visual person, it just makes sense.” By being able to easily check the status of their production, they can keep tabs on what is happening even when they are at another location, which is vital as a multi-location business. “Instead of digging through paperwork, my business partner can sign in and click on a tank or barrel and see exactly what’s happening from anywhere,” said Tim.

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