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Last revised: 8/3/2017

Terms of Use — COMING SOON.


As detailed above, Subscriber's participation in this Agreement includes an automatic renewal of the license to Brewmaster. Subscriber will be charged a monthly Subscription Fee in accordance with Schedule A of this Agreement during its initial one year term and then on a month to month basis thereafter.

This Agreement shall automatically terminate should Ekos not have received Subscriber's payment of the Subscription Fee by the twentieth (20th) day of each month or under the provisions of section 7(a)(ii). Either party may terminate this Agreement for failure of the other to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement upon written notice to the other party as detailed in the provisions of section 7(b). Ekos may terminate this Agreement for any reason following thirty (30) days' notice.

You may contact Ekos at info@goekos.com regarding renewal and termination of this Agreement.

By executing this Agreement, you affirmatively consent to these automatic renewals unless and until the Agreement is terminated.