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From Teacher to Brewer: The Story of Roadmap Brewing

Craftlab: The Podcast Episode 12 With Dustin Baker, Roadmap Brewing

For this special mini-season of episodes, we’re excited to have Dustin Baker, co-founder of Roadmap Brewing Co. in San Antonio, Texas, on the podcast.

Dustin started Roadmap with his wife and parents back in 2018 after leaving his job as a teacher. The brewery is known for being a pet- and child-friendly spot in San Antonio right down the road from the Alamo. This year, the team is on track to produce 700 bbl and recently opened a 1,200 square foot event space.

In this episode, we chat about Dustin’s path to brewing, which actually began with a homebrewing wedding present. Dustin and his wife, Hannah have since developed Roadmap into an intentional community, leaning into their passion for brewing good beer and connecting with customers. Dustin shares that growth for Roadmap looks a lot more like growing within their own walls and expanding their community involvement rather than distributing to big box stores.

“It’s an unwritten feeling you get when you go to Roadmap,” Dustin said. “Roadmap is everyone who walks in the door. It’s the dogs that bark, it’s the kid that’s playing the board game, it’s the brewer, it’s me… it’s a feeling.”

In this episode, we talk about how Dustin’s past has impacted the future of his brewery, where he drew inspiration for his TV-less taproom, and the importance of staying true to yourself in the brewing industry.

Show Notes:

About Roadmap Brewing Co.: Roadmap Brewing Co. goes all the way back to the day Dustin and Hannah got married: her uncle gave them a homebrewing kit. From then on, homebrewing became a passion for Dustin and Hannah, and when Dustin grew frustrated with teaching, opening a brewery seemed like the obvious choice. With the support of his parents, Dustin and Hannah made their brewery a reality. Now, Roadmap produces hundreds of barrels of beer each year for the people of San Antonio, Texas, where the brewery sits just a few blocks from The Alamo and welcomes children, pets, and everyone in between.

Dustin’s Audiobook Recommendation:

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