Ekos Announces Beer and Cider Crafty Marketing Awards Winners

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (July 29, 2020) – Today, Ekos reveals the winners of the first annual Crafty Marketing Awards. The awards are designed to honor outstanding and creative marketing campaigns in the craft beverage space.

Eleven winners were selected across eight categories. The 2020 Crafty Marketing Award winners are:

Crafty marketing awards winners 2020

“We were blown away by the nominations for creative marketing campaigns across our industry. Ekos is thrilled to honor 11 winners of the first annual Crafty Marketing Awards,” said Christina Kyriazi, vice president of marketing at Ekos. “The craft industry is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to creating innovative beverages. But producers are also using their creativity outside of their production facilities to reach new customers, support the local community, and promote their products. Especially with the challenges of COVID-19 this year, we saw makers use marketing to their advantage to try out new sales channels, stay afloat and drive revenue.”

Nominations were judged by a panel of industry experts, including Andrew Coplon, founder at Secret Hopper, John Kelley, co-founder & CEO at Craftpeak, Alex Ostler, head of marketing at Arryved, Kary Shumway, founder at Craft Brewery Finance & CFO at Wormtown Brewery, Matt Downing, manager of technical support at Ekos and Brittany Lacey, marketing manager at Ekos.

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