Ekos Feature Roundup: November 2022 Edition

Production Planner View, Shopify Integration & More

We’re kicking off a new series — Ekos Feature Roundup — to highlight recent product improvements we’ve made. Keep an eye on the blog to see what’s new with Ekos!

The All-New Production Planner

Introducing the all-new production planner for breweries. Now, it’s easy to plan your production in Ekos with a Gantt-like visual layout that makes planning a breeze. With the new production view, you can:

  • Easily visualize your production plans and manage process conflicts before they arise
  • Get better visibility into brewhouse capacity so you can maximize your team’s time
  • Add a batch without leaving the production planner screen
  • Change the date of a single task and automatically update all subsequent task dates

Bulk Inventory Transfers — Now 5x Faster

Historically, handling large amounts of inventory in Ekos could be slow and sometimes frustrating. You asked for a quicker way to manage your inventory — and we delivered. We have completely overhauled the way our system tracks inventory by rebuilding our back-end infrastructure. Now, inventory transactions happen 5 times faster than before, so you can easily make the transfer in Ekos and move on with your day.

Shopify Ecommerce Integration

When you integrate Ekos with Shopify, you eliminate manual processes and duplicate entries, leaving you with the visibility you need to make the right business decisions to grow.

With the integration, Ekos will:

  • Allow you to allocate your inventory to Shopify
  • Deplete your packaged product and merchandise inventory
  • Create a daily journal entry to maintain up-to-date costs of goods sold, taxes owed, discounts given, payments received, and refunds given

Using Shopify, but don’t have the integration enabled? Click here to talk to our team to get started.

QuickBooks Sync Improvements

The majority of our customers use the QuickBooks and Ekos integration, so we’ve been hard at work making improvements that improve your workflow. Below are a few recent updates we’ve made — with more planned in the coming weeks and months.

Now, you can save time and communicate even better with additional fields synced between Ekos and Quickbooks Online, including PO numbers from new invoices, billing and shipping addresses, notes, and PDF attachments.

Additionally, closing periods from QuickBooks Online will now sync back to Ekos, regardless of whether there is a date set in Ekos or not. This helps to ensure consistency of data between the two systems.

Improved Wine Production Experience

​​The new wine production experience changes the way wineries view and gain information about each lot within Ekos. Never again question what vessels hold what lot, the total volume, or how much loss has happened. Wineries can quickly access lots based on varietal, vintage, and location and have constant visibility into wine in production, in addition to viewing overall chemistry and historical logs. Ekos shows you everything you need to know about a wine lot so that you can focus on what needs to happen next. 

New Features on Mobile — In Beta

We keep making the mobile experience (in beta) even better. Now, you can use your mobile device to make inventory decisions on what your business needs to purchase, use, or sell. The new features allow you to:

  • Access inventory
  • View ingredients
  • Look up kegs 
  • Access keg details with a quick scan

Ekos mobile beta is available for all users. To try it out, log into Ekos on your mobile browser.

Ekos Order Hub: New Page for Inventory Allocation

Instead of visiting multiple pages to dictate how much of each product goes to Ekos Order Hub or Shopify, you can now do everything from one place — the new Allocate Inventory page. On this page, you can:

  • Enable/disable products (previously done on the Product Assignment page)
  • Enable pre-order for products (previously done on the Finished Goods page)
  • Allocate quantity amounts (previously done on the Product Assignment page)

As Ekos adds future sales channels and integrations, these will be added to the Allocate Inventory page, giving you one centralized place to manage your inventory by channel.

Ongoing Improvements

In addition to the significant features listed above, our team is always focused on improving usability and stability of our platform. In the past few months, we’ve launched:

  • Custom date filtering for invoices
  • Easy access to invoices reserving finished goods inventory
  • Updated sanitation logs
  • Platform stability enhancements and bug fixes

Want to see what the Ekos platform looks like with all of these improvements? Take a look at our product tour — for beer or for wine.

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Written by Elizabeth