Ekos Lot Tracking Update Gives a New Level of Visibility to Craft Producers

brewery employee using a canning line

We are releasing lot tracking functionality to both our Brewmaster and Cidermaker systems. This feature is ideal for producers who are already tracking lots, looking to meet industry standards, and wanting more visibility throughout their process.

“Striving to help producers meet industry standards, lot tracking gives users a strong foundation for enhancing their quality control department.”

Lot tracking is a recommended best practice by not only government, but also industry authorities, such as the Brewers Association, to help with risk mitigation in case of a recall.  Always striving to help producers meet industry standards, Ekos lot tracking gives users a strong foundation for enhancing their quality control department. From production to the distribution process, lot tracking gives users the ability to preserve the chain of custody. This allows internal users who are maintaining certifications, like organic, to reduce the need for having records outside of Ekos.

Should there be an issue with a batch, producers now have the added visibility to see where something went wrong. This functionality adds an extra level of quality assurance guaranteeing consistency across batches, including barrel aging programs. Providing users with lot picking methods that take them down to the itemized level, including: FIFO (first in, first out), LIFO (last in, last out), and FEFO (first expired, first out).

Another added benefit of Ekos lot tracking is batching data by packaging run to more clearly organize batches. With clear organization of batch information now living in Ekos, users can easily print labels to help identify which lots are associated within packaged goods. This helps in the event of something being contaminated.

Overall, Ekos lot tracking allows producers to track their batch ingredients, transfers, transitions, and finished goods on invoices.  Traceability from raw materials to customer delivery, allows the producer to communicate accurate expiration and best-by-dates for finished goods.

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Written by Ekos