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Searching for a business management software as an alcohol producer is no small task — you’re looking for a system that streamlines cross-team communication, integrates with your other software solutions, and just keeps you on track. We compiled Ekos reviews so you can make the best decision for your brewery, winery, or cidery.

Ekos Is the Market Leader

Ekos is the market leader in business management software for alcohol producers. With features for inventory, production, sales, and accounting, the software helps business-savvy breweries, wineries, and cideries make smarter decisions every day. The software’s integrations with point-of-sale, ecommerce, and accounting software systems make Ekos the industry’s only end-to-end solution. In addition to the technical benefits, Ekos offers best-in-class customer service, technical support, and industry expertise. 

Brewery Ekos Reviews

“Ekos is our backbone, really. We have a saying around the brewery: ‘Ekos is the Bible.’ When it really comes down to it, all of our business funnels down into Ekos… it’s our lifeblood, it’s what helps us succeed. Ekos is what helps us get beer out the door every single day.”

– Tyler Davis, sales operations manager, Societe Brewing Company

“I remember 75-hour work weeks, and not because the beer had to get made, but because I had to pay taxes, or I had to handwrite invoices. All of these tasks pull you away from the brewhouse. Of course it’s an important part of the job — we have to get paid to keep doing this — but I’m a brewer. The number one thing I want to do is make sure that my beer is as good as it can be and comes out on time, and the more time I have to do that, the better. That’s what Ekos lets me do.”

– Matt John, head brewer, Raleigh Brewing

“We picked Ekos when we opened five years ago and still use Ekos today because they are the best in the business. Ekos helps us manage every facet of the production and wholesale sales processes, and it is clear they are committed to maintaining a best-in-class product. The software today is infinitely improved from when we first started with it, and we continue to see improvements every month that make our jobs easier and save us time.”

– Cam Schulz, owner, Hopfly Brewing Company

Time is expensive and Ekos has helped us apply our available labor dollars where it matters most — brewing and selling great beer.

– Jon Hartig, director of brewery operations, Flathead Lake Brewing

“We brew about 10,000 bbl per year, and Ekos has been a huge asset for a brewery our size. We’ve been able to gain much more insight into our COGS with Ekos, which has helped in pricing decisions and to manage profitability.”

– Tony Karlowicz, co-founder and CEO, Back East Brewing

Ekos really helps you understand what goes into each individual glass, helps with those margins, and helps you figure out where things could go better.”

– Justin Sparks, general manager, Tall City Brewing

Winery Ekos Reviews

“We chose Ekos because of the integration options with programs we use, such as Commerce7 and QuickBooks Online and the culture and drive of the employees to assist and continue to improve the program. Everyone so far has been extremely receptive to ideas we have and are quick to implement new features.”

– Melissa Aellen, winemaker, Linganore Winecellars

There’s no question that our use of Ekos has helped us in handling our growth. I literally have not heard of one issue with invoicing through Ekos, and that’s from 40-50 active customers. I honestly cannot think of one person who’s had anything negative to say about it. It’s easy, the invoice is right in their inbox and they can save it right in their email.”

– Terry McNamara, commercial sales director, Stone & Key Cellars

“We spent close to a year looking for the right software program. There are so many choices, but none of them were the right fit for our business type. We wanted a software with a strong focus on production and inventory management, and this is where Ekos excelled compared to others.”

– Sarah Williams, operations coordinator, Thomas Allen Vineyards & Winery

“With Ekos, we have more time to do what we need to do instead of what we have to do. We can deal with customers more instead of sitting in the back room with tablets and notebooks trying to figure stuff out. We can be where we need to be, and that’s with the customer, making that sale, making the business a success.”

– John DiVirgillio, co-owner, Pine Hollow Winery

shelton vineyards logo

“Ekos has really helped us keep track of inventory coming in, understanding how that goes into the wine, and how that subtracts from inventory. It’s doing everything we need for production.”

– Ethan Brown, winemaker, Shelton Vineyards

“Ekos allows us to track from raw ingredients all the way through production and provides valuable management information and tax reporting that has improved our record-keeping from previous paper methods and spreadsheets.”

– Keith Bishop, co-owner and winemaker, Bishop’s Orchards Winery

Ekos Reviews From Other Beverage Producers

“Now that our information is centralized all in one intuitive platform [Ekos], if someone wants to look at an inventory item or generate a report, they go to Ekos and can easily access the required information. That’s a lot better than them sifting through a spreadsheet — there’s no doubt in my mind our efficiency is way up with Ekos.”

– Eric Bachli, chief innovation officer, Drink This

“As an organization, we cover everything from farming to finished products in a can. Our goal was to find an organization like ours that could be highly diverse and could pivot products to best serve their customer. Ekos was the answer to that call and I would recommend them a million times over. From the start, we met with many organizations, and Ekos by far shared a ‘can happen, let’s figure it out’ mentality. Working with their team was unbelievable and we now have a system that has become a crucial part of our organization.”

– Charles Talbott, owner, Talbott’s Cider

summit seltzer logo

“Ekos has helped us get visibility into our COGS so we can price our kegs appropriately. It’s really important to see how our costs fluctuate. Ekos helps us get a better look on our margins and make decisions on where to buy our raw ingredients based on costs. I get to see how much the entire batch costs, and even break it down to how much it costs per gallon.”

– Ben Quinones, head brewer, Summit Seltzer

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Ekos is the market leader in business management software for breweries, wineries, and cideries. If you’re interested in learning how you can become one of Ekos’s more than 18,000 users, schedule a demo today.

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