The Value of Ekos

Calculating the Return on Investment

Brewery production area, staff using Ekos

When you’re operating on a limited budget, as many craft breweries are, you have to justify every expense. Whether you’re defending the cost of a new tool to your boss or just to yourself as the owner, parting with cash can be difficult to stomach.

So, when you’re thinking about taking the dive into brewery management software — whether for the first time or switching from a different vendor — you want to know it’ll be worth the investment. Many brewery software providers will give you a list of features to try to convince you, but they won’t give you much else.

How do you know what you’ll get in return for the time and effort you’ll put into implementing the new system, in addition to the monthly cost? For Ekos, we have the answers.

The ROI of Ekos for Your Brewery

All the features of Ekos are built to benefit you in three main ways: managing growth, driving efficiencies, and improving communication among your team members. Ultimately, that means you can grow faster, invest in key areas, and ensure separate departments work together seamlessly toward your company’s goals.

Some of the specific advantages (that translate into tangible benefits like saved time and money) include:

  • Better visibility to fuel the growth of your brewery
  • Access to data that helps you raise capital and secure loans faster
  • More confidence in your pricing decisions
  • Operational efficiencies in every department — inventory, production, sales, and accounting
  • Improved risk management and product recall protection
  • Transparent record-keeping and reporting in one system
  • Enhanced team communication with your entire staff able to use Ekos at no extra cost per user
  • The ability to identify more sales opportunities by tracking customer info and order history
  • And more

The dollar value of each of these will depend on your business model, whether you’re switching providers or investing in beer software for the first time, and the size of your brewery (among other things). But the reality is that even just one of these benefits alone could save you thousands of dollars per year.

Get the Details in Our White Paper: Download Now

In our white paper, The Value of Ekos, we break down in specific, quantifiable terms (no vague promises here) the ways that your investment in Ekos will save your team big time — in dollars, yes, but also hours of data organization and analysis. Spoiler alert: The amount you’ll save far outweighs the yearly cost.

Get your copy of the white paper and learn how your brewery can benefit from an investment in Ekos.

White paper written in partnership with Small Batch Standard, the premier financial agency built to serve the craft brewing industry.

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“After using various different brewery software, we came to Ekos for an all-in-one product. We are able to plan, schedule, manage inventory and our day-to-day tasks without the need for external spreadsheets.”

– Ivan Dedek, brewmaster

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