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simplify your RTD and spirits production with Ekos

Ekos streamlines your RTD and spirits production processes, ensuring seamless operations and organization within a single integrated system. Our comprehensive RTD and spirits management solution empowers you to optimize production, streamline inventory management, boost sales, and maintain compliance with ease. It integrates advanced features for detailed accounting and reporting, ensuring that every aspect of your business operates efficiently and meets industry standards. Gain valuable insights across teams to make informed decisions and drive success in the growing RTD and spirits market.

your go-to solution for spirits production success

The craft spirits market is flourishing, whether you specialize in traditional distilling, innovative RTDs, or crafting canned cocktails. Ekos simplifies the entire production process, offering tailored features for distilleries and RTD producers alike. With our comprehensive system, you can effortlessly manage every aspect of your operations, ensuring consistent production of exceptional craft spirits and RTD beverages.

breeze through TTB reporting & audits

Ekos automatically generates Monthly Report of Storage Operations and Processing Operations per TTB requirements. You’ll save significant time and effort by automating the tedious tasks of compiling and submitting regulatory reports and ensuring compliance.

track what matters

Speaking of TTB reporting, TTB requires spirits-related production and tax classification tags, so Ekos provides you with the ability to do just that—track production stages and tax classification stages to drive TTB reporting for distilled spirits.

manage your inventory

With Ekos, you can easily bring in items through an inventory receipt to start a Spirits Production Batch. You can seamlessly track spirits acquired for storage and processing operations without manual errors.

get the proof

Ekos Proof and Proof Volume Tracking allows you to track the proof and proof of volume of spirits in production batches. This feature provides essential data for maintaining quality control and compliance with regulatory standards throughout the distillation process.

why distilleries and RTD producers choose Ekos

cost savings & efficiency

By eliminating the need for separate systems to manage your spirits operations, you save on subscription fees and overhead costs. You also streamline workflows by centralizing your data and processes, saving time and effort on manual data entry and reconciliation.

visibility & scalability

Gain a comprehensive view of your operations with integrated data, facilitating better decision-making and strategic planning. And as you grow, Ekos is your partner every step of the way. Our software scales effortlessly to support your growth and adapts to your evolving needs.

ease of use

Enjoy a cohesive user experience with a single interface for managing all craft operations, reducing training time and increasing user adoption. With Ekos, you’re investing in a future-proof solution that evolves with your business without adding complexity.

“This is the best thing that’s ever happened in my life… Ekos is the most comprehensive solution. You should be able to sign-up a lot more users now that you have this.”

– James Clark, Co Founder of Brucato Amaro

the Ekos difference

better than spreadsheets

If you want to run your RTD and spirits production more efficiently and profitably, spreadsheets are not the answer. They’re disconnected, prone to errors, and require a ton of manual data analysis that isn’t based on real-time data. When you can track every aspect of your business in a single, connected, cloud-based system (ahem, Ekos), you can:

  • Get real-time visibility into your spirit operations & forecast future needs
  • Improve communication between your people
  • Access your business information from anywhere

screenshot of production planning module in ekos brewery software
screenshot of order hub module in ekos brewery software

better than just production software

Granular tracking of every batch of spirits is vital, but it’s not enough. Choose a system that gives you everything you need to plan, execute, and analyze production, plus so much more. When it comes to range and quality of features, no other brewery or distillery management system on the market comes close.

  • Track raw materials, recipes, batches, and packaging in an automated system 
  • Manage finished goods inventory & sales activities
  • Streamline sales orders from distributors & retailers with Ekos Order Hub

better than disconnected systems

You might be tempted to piecemeal systems for different parts of the brewery or distillery, but it’s nearly impossible to connect the dots and see the big picture, which leads to inefficiencies and risk. Ekos gives you a holistic view of your business with micro-level drill-down into every data point, all without duplicating entries.

  • Document batches from grain to glass through any sales channel
  • Avoid hours (or days) of frustration with pre-populated TTB reports
  • Integrate Ekos with your POS, ecommerce & accounting systems for maximum transparency and time-savings

screenshot of reporting module in ekos brewery software

always evolving

We listen. And we’re always adding and improving features. New integrations, drag-and-drop functionality, faster support response times, and platform enhancements that improve speed and usability are just a few of the updates we’ve made recently. Some results of our efforts:

  • It’s 5x faster to transfer inventory
  • Response times have improved by over 400% in 3 months
  • We now offer batch-over-batch fermentation history analysis

Your investment in Ekos will save your team big time — in dollars, yes, but also hours of data organization and analysis. Get the full ROI breakdown in this free report.

connect your entire supply chain

Eliminate errors that result from duplicate data entry and gain total business visibility by syncing with tools like QuickBooks, Arryved, Shopify, & Square.

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supporting you every step of the way

As the first to market with an all-in-one platform for managing all craft alcohol products—including beer, cider, seltzer, spirits, wine, and kombucha—Ekos continues to lead the way. Our comprehensive solution revolutionizes operations for distilleries and RTD producers alike, supported by expert guidance to ensure your success.

  • Personalized onboarding
  • Email & phone support
  • Dedicated team of Customer Success Managers
  • Live & on-demand training webinars
  • 24/7 knowledge-base articles
  • An experienced team who cares

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