lively beerworks

Success Story

Lively Beerworks

“We value Ekos because it saves us time and takes steps out of the process so we can put our focus back on making and selling great beer.”

- Patrick Lively, Lively Beerworks


  • Opened in 2019
  • Ekos customer since 2019
  • Arryved POS integration
  • QuickBooks Online integration


  • 2.4K bbl production
  • Available statewide in 60 counties
  • 45 minutes saved daily with the Ekos/QB/Arryved integrations



Lively Beerworks opened its doors to the public in November 2019 with a taproom in Oklahoma City, OK. The brewery was founded by Patrick Lively who previously worked at two other Oklahoma City breweries before setting out on his own. Lively Beerworks currently has 11 employees and is on track to produce 2,400 barrels in 2020.


From its early days, Lively Beerworks knew it needed a business management software that could serve as the digital hub for the brewery’s inventory, production, sales and accounting. “We had the opportunity to do it right from the beginning,” said owner Patrick Lively. He selected Ekos based on the recommendation of a mentor and because of the integrations with QuickBooks and Arryved. “It takes some time to figure out how it all works, but if you take the time to invest in learning how to use it, Ekos can be a very powerful tool for your business.” Currently, the Lively team is expanding their use of Ekos each week and taking advantage of more functionality.


Integrations drive efficiencies 
In addition to inputting new inventory and managing production in Ekos, the Lively team is utilizing two powerful Ekos integrations with their accounting and POS software. By connecting the three systems, inventory can be updated daily based on sales from the previous day made through the Arryved POS system. “The integrations save us time and allow me to stay on top of the books,” said Patrick. “I don’t have to wait until the end of the month to have an accurate view of my data.” Patrick estimates that the integrations between inventory, accounting and POS save 45 minutes to an hour of time each day. “One of our goals is to work smarter,” said Patrick. “We value Ekos because it saves us time and takes steps out of the process so we can put our focus back on making and selling great beer.” 

Growth and visibility into the business 
As founder and owner, Patrick also has responsibilities beyond brewing, like raising capital and managing the brewery’s facilities, so having up to date financial information is vital. “When your books are up to date, you can pull financial records that a bank needs for larger business expenses.” Patrick can use Ekos to pull reports with real-time information so he can raise funds that will help grow the business. In their first year in business, Lively Beerworks expanded their distribution within the state. They started in only 9 counties and are now available statewide in 60 counties. 

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