Bissell Brothers Brewing Company optimizes sales and distribution

bissell brothers brewing company

Brewery selects Ekos for its business management software 

PORTLAND, MAINE (Oct. 12, 2020) – Bissell Brothers Brewing Company, headquartered in Portland, Maine, has recently implemented Ekos, a business management software for craft beverage producers. With Ekos, the brewery can manage many areas of their business, including inventory, production, sales and accounting. 

The Bissell Brothers team, which produced 8,200 barrels in 2019, is utilizing Ekos across the entire company, including features for beer production, customer invoicing, and COGS analysis. The brewery is integrating Ekos with its accounting software, QuickBooks, to seamlessly sync financial information and have easily access to key business metrics. 

“We chose Ekos after evaluating a few different options for our company,” said Paul Upham, production manager at Bissell Brothers Brewing Co. “Although we are relatively small in terms of production, our self-distribution operation is quite extensive, and we selected Ekos to help us optimize our sales and distribution team.” 

Users of Ekos, like Bissell Brothers, report many benefits of the software, including: 

  • Eliminating or reducing manual processes and reconciliation 
  • Getting complete visibility into COGS and key business metrics 
  • Improving communication among teams and better forecast inventory and sales 

“Bissell Brothers Brewing has a focused commitment to community, a value that we share here at Ekos,” said Josh McKinney, Ekos CEO. “We know that there are a lot of challenges for breweries that can take time away from the core goal of making beer and serving local customers. Ekos strives to provide a software that helps to make those necessary processes easier and less time-intensive.” 

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