Hangar 24 Brewery switches to Ekos for business management software

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Brewery calls Ekos its ‘backbone of production and operations’ 

REDLANDS, CALIF. (Nov. 23, 2020) – Hangar 24, a brewery that produces 15,000 barrels a year and operates three locations in California and Arizona, has selected Ekos as its business management software.  

“We were looking for a platform that was user-friendly and flowed with brewery operations,” said Jason Pond, vice president of brewing operations at Hangar 24. “Our previous platform did not achieve this, but Ekos has hit the mark and then some!” 

The brewery recently completed premium onboarding with the Ekos professional services team. This experience provides one-on-one training sessions and customized SOP development so that teams can take advantage of all the features Ekos has to offer. It also helps craft businesses train their staff and get onboarded quickly. 

Already, the Hangar 24 team is using Ekos to its full potential. The production team is able to plan batches and utilize the easy drag-and-drop functionality in the Facility View. Reporting has been simplified with dashboards in Ekos and the Hangar 24 team can use the data for planning and forecasting. Additionally, the team is leveraging Ekos to track raw material purchasing and sales order invoicing. 

“Ekos is designed as an end-to-end software that can help craft makers across their entire business,” said Josh McKinney, CEO of Ekos. “We’re excited to welcome Hangar 24 to the Ekos family and see that they are already realizing the benefits of Ekos for inventory, production, sales, accounting and business management.” 

To learn more about Ekos and how it helps breweries, cideries, and wineries, visit goekos.com. 

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