manage multiple locations with ease

Don’t dread growing pains as you expand your business. Ekos serves as your digital hub, connecting all of your facilities and data in one, centralized location so no matter how much you grow or how complex your operations are, you have everything under control.

what we’re not

Ekos is not a complicated ERP system like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or Netsuite. We aren’t another point solution that does only one thing. 

Ekos is a comprehensive business management system that streamlines running every aspect of your beverage business.

one, cloud-based system of record

As the craft movement grows, many businesses are seizing the opportunity to grow as well, which often leads to multiple taprooms or tasting rooms, storage warehouses, and production facilities. New locations mean expanding production volume and sales but also complicate the management of more products and employees.

Ekos is the centralized hub to manage your business operations, no matter how many locations, products, or employees you have. Our customized system allows you to set up your Ekos site in a way that makes sense for your business. Our integrations with POS and accounting systems save you time and connect your data for unprecedented insights into the status of each location in real-time so you miss nothing, even when you aren’t there.

screenshot of production planning module in ekos brewery software
screenshot of reporting module in ekos brewery software

location management simplified

Just because you expand your business doesn’t mean things have to get complicated. Ekos is customizable to each location and its unique operations. For example, if you run your business with multiple sets of financial books and want to sync your Ekos data over to your QuickBooks or Xero files, we’ll help you properly map your Chart of Accounts so information flows seamlessly.

Have separate facilities that report to different TTB authorities? We can help you manage that with ease, too, separating transactions per location so you can easily create TTB reports for each one with just a few clicks.

key capabilities

  • Manage unlimited locations within your Ekos site
  • Keep each location’s data separate, with roll-up capabilities to see overall health
  • Customize your setup so that the flow of information aligns with your business needs
  • Check inventory in all locations in a centralized view

key benefits

  • Embrace growth while minimizing the risk of things falling through the cracks
  • Identify potential issues early for proactive management
  • Empower team member collaboration across all locations or per location
  • Optimize operations between locations to reduce costs
screenshot of order hub module in ekos brewery software

location management is just the beginning

Ekos was built to help beverage makers run their businesses better, save time, and gain the insights they need to make smarter business decisions. Our all-in-one business management software is so comprehensive and automated, it can handle as many locations as you want to add.

Every employee from across your facilities can enter information into Ekos, creating a single source of truth that makes running your entire business more efficient and profitable. With complete transparency into historical and real-time operations of each location, you can plan, forecast, and make decisions with confidence, continuing to grow your fan base and your business.

what our craft beverage makers are saying

“Ekos has helped us a ton to be able to scale and get bigger. Every day we’re finding out something new about it, another way to use it.”

– Tyler Davis, sales operation manager at Societe Brewing Company
Success Story

“There’s no question that our use of Ekos has helped us in handling our growth as we open new locations. We’re much more efficient, and I’m excited for where I think this winery can go.”

– Terry McNamara, commercial sales director at Stone & Key Cellars
Success Story

“[Ekos] has been instrumental in our recordkeeping in helping us evaluate what we have at each building because we are regularly transferring inventory—finished goods, raw materials, and merchandise—between locations.”

– Amanda Thompson, chief of staff at Wiseacre Brewing Co.
Success Story

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