managing multiple locations_

A digital hub to connect all your facilities

key benefits

  • Manage unlimited locations within your Ekos site
  • Customize your setup so that the flow of information aligns with your business needs
  • Check inventory in all locations in a centralized view

As the craft movement grows, many businesses are seizing the opportunity to grow as well, which often leads to multiple taprooms or tasting rooms, storage warehouses, and production facilities. New locations mean the expansion of production volume and sales, but also the challenge of managing more product and more employees.

Ekos is the centralized hub to manage your business operations, no matter how many locations you have. Our customizable system allows you to set up your Ekos site in the way that makes sense for your business. For example, if you run your business with multiple sets of financial books and want to sync your Ekos data over to your QuickBooks or Xero files, we’ll help you properly map your Chart of Accounts so that the information flows seamlessly. Or, if you have separate facilities that report to different TTB authorities, we’ll make sure their transactions are kept separate so you can easily create TTB reports for each one.

Note: Managing multiple locations in Ekos requires a Plus or Professional plan.